Naruto Manga Volume #31

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: Final Battle, Takusareta omoi!! (託された想い!!)

As this amazing battle continues, Sasori reveals his insanity. Not only he has taken countless lifes and turned himself into a puppet to obtain a somewhat puppet immortality, but he appears to be ready to give all the life remaining to him just to take the one of his grandmother. However, Sakura sacrifices herself to save Chiyo. Gladly, the old woman has more cards on her sleeve and perfoms a special jutsu to revive the almost dead girl. Elsewhere Deidara flies on, noting Naruto has calmed down. Naruto asks Kakashi if he's ready, but he states he doesn't have as much chakra as Naruto. But he says he is getting there, forming a handseal Kakashi reveals a new Sharingan form! Kakashi focuses his eye and activates... Mangekyou Sharingan! This new Mangekyou form focuses on the area around Deidara’s heart and the reality there begins to warp and sway. Deidara is surprised at a Doujutsu attack, and the focus moves from the chest to his right arm. Kakashi curses himself and Deidara's right arm gets sucked into nothingness. An enraged Kyuubified Naruto starts attacking injured Deidara; Kakashi remembers how Jiraiya warned him to use a sealing tag to cut off the chakra before a second tail appears. Kakashi darts to Naruto and slaps the seal on his forehead, quickly weakening the young man. Elsewhere Team Guy has finished off their clones. As Naruto rests, Sakura and a weary Chiyo appear, worrying about Gaars. Do not miss the final bomb of Deidara and the sacrifice of Chiyo in the chapters:

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