Naruto Manga Volume #32

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: The Search for Sasuke, Sasuke e no michi!! (サスケへの道!!)
In Konoha, Kakashi rests in the hospital. Elsewhere Tsunade, Sakura and Shizune discuss the upcoming Grass Country mission. Naruto walks through the village and witnesses the growth of his friends hardly recognizing some of them. In Hokage's office Tsunade argues with the elders and has no choice but to accept a new member for Naruto’s team, Sai of the "Root". Meanwhile, Sai is already having a fight with Naruto and his friends. Back in the office, Shizune states with Kakashi out they'll need a new captain. In flashback Danzou states that Tsunade controls the ANBU, so one of her best could be picked. In the present a masked ANBU stands before Tsunade as she lays out the mission. The man is honored to be replacing THE Kakashi senpai. Tsunade tells him this is a normal mission, he can lose his mask. She gives him the code name "Yamato" and tells him he'll also get another team member, a new recruit from the ANBU "root" division. Yamato stands before his team and asks them to introduce themselves, and then he lays out the mission. He states it will give them the opportunity to find info to assassinate Orochimaru and retrieve Sasuke. He asks the team to gather in an hour and dismisses them. Naruto and Sakura can't accept Sai easily, but they are forced to since their mission is of high risk. A disguised into Sasori Yamato meets up with Kabuto to gain information about their hideout.

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