Naruto Manga Volume #33

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: The Secret Mission, Gokuhi ninmu...!! (極秘任務...!!)
To everyone's surprise Kabuto and hiding Orochimaru have seen through the disguise and through their plan. Kabuto acts bemused by Naruto showing up again, and Orochimaru gloats it will be interesting to see who between Naruto and Sasuke has become stronger. Naruto fills with rage and the Kyuubi chakra forms around him. Sakura tells Kabuto to give Sasuke back and he retorts Sasuke came willingly. Orochimaru gloats if they want to know about Sasuke they'll have to beat it out of him. Naruto charges and slams Orochimaru back into the forest beyond. Everyone watches in wonder as Naruto yells that Sasuke doesn't belong to Orochimaru, and three Kyuubi tails now swing behind him. The group watches on in fear. The chakra twists and contorts around Naruto's body, with him facing Orochimaru directly in a vision of the demon fox himself. Orochimaru is amused and the demon fox roars sending shockwaves outwards partially destroying the bridge. Naruto hunches over as the chakra boils around him. Inside himself he reaches out to a spectral Sasuke and the liquid in the Kyuubi lair fills. Naruto passes through the gate barrier and the Kyuubi encloses his paws around him. In the forest, Naruto's flesh begins to peel off, revealing skin similar in appearance to his feral whiskers. To Yamato's surprise and Orochimaru's delight, a totally feral Naruto with claws, ears, fur and four-tails crouches ready. Orochimaru though, has a reply to this insane strength and Kabuto comments this is more a fight between monsters than ninja. Don't miss these exciting chapters!

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