Naruto Manga Volume #34

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: The Reunion, Saikai no toki...!! (再会の時...!!)

After Sai's treason and matching up with Orochimaru, Naruto's team reads his draw book in an effort to understand his character when Yamato gets a transmission, his bunshin has found Orochimaru-s base. In the base a shadowy figure chastises them from being late, telling Orochimaru he promised to train him further than afternoon. Sai looks on and recognizes Uchiha Sasuke and tells him he heard a lot about him from Naruto and Sakura. Naruto never gave up searching and thought of him as a brother. Sasuke says the only brother he has he plans to kill. Yamato and the others infiltrate the hide out and force Sai to admit his secret mission. Outside Kabuto walks to their room and opens the door. The room is empty. Outside the compound Sai is tied up. Yamato says he's sorry to Sai; he'll have to stay here with his clones. Naruto eagerly says it's time to save Sasuke, but upon this Kabuto appears to free Sai, believing he’s on Orochimaru's side. But after the chat he had with Naruto, Sai now wants different things and help his team capture Kabuto and search for Sasuke. Sai finds him first but Sasuke is not to be trifled with. Down the corridor the team arrives and sees Sai in the distance. Sakura takes off and grabs Sai by the throat, demanding to know how many times he plans to betray them. A voice from above welcomes Sakura. A stunned Sakura turns to see Sasuke standing above. Down the corridor Yamato and Naruto see her surprised countenance. Naruto understands the look and rushes to her side. He looks up and sees his dear friend. Sasuke, garbed in black pants, an open white long sleeved shirt, with a traditional Sound rope belt with sword slung on back merely watches on... Showing unbelievable cruelty but also powerfulness, Sasuke doesn't hesitate to try and kill Naruto and Sakura; multiple times. Do not miss the details of this long awaited volume! What will Sasuke say to Kyuubi himself? Is not possible for someone who wasn't able to save his best friend to ever become Hokage?

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