Naruto Manga Volume #35

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: The New Two, Aratanaru futarigumi!! (新たなる二人組!!)

Naruto doubles over in agony from his failure, thinking he's powerless, but Sakura and Sai promise to get stronger all together and Naruto promises they won't give up. As Sai asks Danzou to stay with team 7 and begins reading books on social interaction, Naruto starts a different kind of training with Kakashi's and Yamato's help. In Tsunade-s office an ANBU brings a report. Shizune states Akatsuki is moving again and will be getting close. Tsunade states it-s time for Konoha to stop messing around and use this opportunity to take them out for good. Elsewhere a kunoichi is desperately running. A huge scythe emerges from the shadows to strike at her. A hidden voice comments how his attack speed is the slowest in Akatsuki. The kunoichi from Hidden Cloud then states her recognition of the group. Two figures emerge, one bearing the San ring and the other the Kito ring. Kito ring states she is the last and she-s not that bad. He then tells his partner, Hidan from an unknown Hidden village, that this is the two-tails Jinchuuriki, and that they should be careful. Hidan then tells his partner, Kakuzu from Hidden Waterfall, that he knows and he wants her to kill him just to get it over with. The kunoichi falls under the inhuman power of the Akatasuki members and Kakuzu states that their final target is the Fire Country. In Konoha Naruto is happy that Kakashi is training him again but Kakashi tells him the happiness will end soon. He states the goal is a jutsu which surpasses Rasengan. Elsewhere Shikamaru and Asuma play shogi. Asuma makes a particularly risky play and Shikamaru asks what the matter is. Asuma explains sacrifices are sometimes needed to protect the king, and he's finally realized what that means.

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