Naruto Manga Volume #36

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: Cell Number 10, Daijippan ( 第十班 )

In the Fire Temple coffins line the interior. A monk tells Asuma they couldn't find Chiriku and Asuma states they'll head out for the closest bounty station to find those responsible. Elsewhere in a men’s restroom a hidden wall panel opens before Hidan and Kakuzu. A man greets them and then offers Kakuzu his appreciation for the bounty head. Chiriku's corpse is laid on a slab and the reward money is handed over. Back in Konoha, Kakashi explains to Naruto that the technique he’s working on not even the 4th Hokage could complete and adds that he believes Naruto can surpass the Fourth. Naruto blushes in surprise. Yamato smiles and states Kakashi has a way with words. Kakashi states he really does believe it. Elsewhere Hidan sits and curses the stink that has stuck to him, a figure walks up behind him and he expresses his annoyance that Kakuzu took so long. He turns to see Asuma hurl kunai at him, he uses his scythe to knock them away and then hurls it at his opponent. Asuma steps aside to avoid the attack and Hidan stands frozen. Izumo and Kotetsu rush in from the sides with large kunai, while Shikamaru watches from the roof holding Hidan in place. An amazing battle occurs between Asuma's team and the two Akatsuki members. Follow the story in the chapters below and find out about Akatsuki's plan to rule the world!

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