Naruto Manga Volume #37

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: Shikamaru's Battle, Shikamaru no tatakai!! (シカマルの戦い!!)

Shikamaru's team announces the news of Asuma's death to Konoha and everyone attends the funeral. Shikaku watches his son in silence. Shikamaru moves his pieces and then becomes focused. He goes to the Konoha library to read up and a short time later we see him injecting his chakra into Asuma-s blades. Time passes and we see Team 10 gear up and prepare to set out from Konoha... A voice orders them to wait, the three turn to see Tsunade. She asks where they're going and Shikamaru states the mission of the platoons is still on and their new team is heading out. She tells them to stop their selfish actions; that they fail to see reality, that with three people… but she's interrupted. A voice behind her says another member makes a team, right? Kakashi interjects that he'll watch over them! Tsunade relents and Shikamaru asks what of Naruto? Kakashi shows a bandaged hand and states his work is done there. Shikamaru hands an item to Kakashi and he thinks over how well the young man was able to insert him into their plan in such a short time. Shikamaru asks that they memorize the plan and they move out. Elsewhere Akatuski has finished sealing the Nibi and Yugito falls to the ground dead. The Leader states there are three Bijuu left. As Hidan and Kakuzu move amongst large trees, a shadow stalks them. They notice the shadow and bolt to the ready and kunai rain down towards them. They explode with explosive tags, cutting Hidan's rope connection to his scythe. In Konoha, Yamato explains the elemental affinities to Naruto stating that he will be able to defeat Chidori. Back at the battle, Shikamaru and Chouji watch the dust clear and a darkened Kakuzu emerge. Shikamaru states that Kakuzu hardens his body, just as Raidou said. Kakuzu states he has a good eye, and that no physical attacks work on him. In an instant Kakashi has thrust his arm through Kakuzu-s back and through his heart with his Raikiri. Everyone is shocked and Kakuzu states it's impossible that he moved so quickly without detection. Kakashi replies that he saw that his hardening jutsu was based on an Earth element seal and Kakuzu states he understands then. Kakashi says yes... Earth is weak against Lightning... and it's all over. Or not? Kakashi removes his arm and Hidan tells Kakuzu not to be finished so quickly. Kakashi charges Hidan with another Raikiri and he is suddenly kicked powerfully backwards by Kakuzu to everyone's surprise. Hidan congratulates Kakashi for being the first to survive that attack. Kakuzu says he used Sharingan to see through the attack pattern, but what of this one? The final beast wells up to release a Fire element attack... While Kakashi charges Kakuzu, Hidan chides Shikamaru for being afraid and attacking from afar. The Akatasuki members reveal their monstrous abilities in these chapters:

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