Naruto Manga Volume #38

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: Practice Makes Perfect, Shugyō no seika...!! (修業の成果...!!)

Naruto's team meets up with Shikamaru's to take out the Akatsuki villains. Naruto starts sparring with Kakuzu and Sakura and Sai catch up to Shikamaru and are surprised he took out Hidan. He states it had to be done, no matter what. Elsewhere Ino heals Naruto and Chouji compliments him on his strategy. Yamato was surprised Naruto used the jutsu three times, while in training he could only do two. Kakashi thinks that Naruto has surpassed him and thinks this next generation is about to take control. He then states to the ever-present Sasuke, that Naruto is getting stronger too. The team prepares to leave and Kakashi goes to the paralyzed Kakuzu. Kakuzu offers his surprise that a bunch of kids defeated him. Kakashi states yeah they are kids to someone who fought Shodai, and Kakuzu himself is just a beaten old man. Kakashi then charges Raikiri and finishes off Kakuzu. Later Shikamaru plays Shougi with his dad and speaks how Asuma said he-s a Knight. Shikaku is amused and asks then who the King is. Shikamaru states the King is the unborn children who will become the next generation of Leaf ninja. Shikaku is impressed but then announces checkmate, telling his son he'll have to get stronger if he wants to protect the King. Elsewhere Sasuke sits among defeated ninja. Orochimaru chastises him for being too soft and not killing them. Sasuke looks at Orochimaru and states they-re not the ones he wants to kill. In Orochimaru's compound, he rests in bed. Kabuto tells him his body is near its limit. He looks on with his level one seal activated. Orochimaru states he knew it would come to this. Sasuke wins the battle and goes to find the right people. Suigetsu, Karin and Juugo. In his cell a level one looking Juugo states that if the next person to open his cell is a woman, he'll kill her ...

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