Naruto Manga Volume #39

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: Practice On the Move, Ugokidasumono-tachi ( 動き出す者たち )

In the Hokage office Tsunade is annoyed at their lateness and Jiraiya tells her to calm down. Naruto is surprised to see Jiraiya and Tsunade states she-s called them in to discuss some new intel. She states Orochimaru was killed by Sasuke. Juugo tells them to leave. At the northern base Sasuke states that Orochimaru is dead and tells Juugo that if he stays here he'll be finished too. Juugo says that-s fine but Sasuke states he’ll watch over him. Juugo retorts that only Kimimaro could control him. Suigetsu recognizes the Kaguya clan member. Karin offers that Orochimaru was interested in them both and states supposedly only Kimimaro could stop Juugo. Sasuke states Kimimaro died for he himself. Juugo asks if that means he’s s Sasuke. Sasuke says yes and Juugo thinks back to years before. Finally he gets convinced to join them in their group named "snake". Elsewhere, Naruto states they should move against Akatsuki again, since it will raise their chances of meeting Sasuke. Naruto and Sasuke then state their objective is Uchiha Itachi. On a cliff stands Itachi and Kisame. Kisame states is about to rain and Itachi looks to heavens and agrees... Jiraiya asks what they plan to do after finding Itachi. Kakashi states a single team won't work. Sakura states they have to capture Itachi to keep him as a target for Sasuke and they'll need several teams for that. Kakashi says two teams are ideal, anymore will just cause problems. Jiraiya states they’ll need a squad which works well together. Kakashi says yes and asks someone to come in. Elsewhere Team Snake walks through tunnels in an abandoned city. Sasuke states his clan used this place as a weapons storehouse. Elsewhere a new eye opens on the King of Hell and the Yonbi Jinchuuriki lies dead. Deidara asks who to go after next and Tobi asks of the choices. Deidara says either the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki or Sasuke. Tobi says why bother, their tasks are done. Deidara retorts he still owes both Naruto and Kakashi, and he was supposed to kill Orochimaru, not Sasuke. Deidara tells him to move and Tobi grudgingly complies. Kisame asks Itachi if he’s okay with that. Elsewhere Team Snake in cloaks stands while the rain falls. In Konoha Kakashi states they're having some nasty weather and the teams start moving to locate Itachi whilst Sasuke faces Deidara!

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