Naruto Manga Volume #40

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: The Ultimate Art, Kyūkyoku geijutsu!! (究極芸術!!)

Sasuke's and Deidara's battle goes out of hand and for miles around people stare in wonder at the explosion. The Leaf and Team Sasuke members react in surprise and then move toward the blast. Karin tries to find Sasuke's chakra and fails. Zetsu watches on also and figures Tobi died in the explosion along with Deidara. Suigetsu says they should rest and Karin accuses him of being weak since he beat Orochimaru. Sasuke says that's another story, as Orochimaru was already weakened when he fought him. In the large industrial city, a figure calls for "Pain" the Akatsuki leader. Pain is revealed as a Hidden Rain missing-nin with numerous facial piercings. He rises and joins the female Akatsuki member. Before them stands a mysterious figure in the shadows. Pain asks what happened to Sasuke and the figure states everything is going well. Sasuke's Sharingan showed growth and it will soon surpass Itachi's. Pain asks of the Kyuubi. The figure states Pain should capture him and as the leader failure is not an option... Elsewhere Kiba announces that he's now having trouble finding the scent of Sasuke and Kakashi states they've been discovered, probably due to a chakra-sensing shinobi. Kiba states it would be impossible for him to follow the numerous scents, so Naruto takes the initiative, creating Mass Shadow Clones which head off in every direction. A short time later Team Snake arrives at one of Akatsuki-s hideouts. Sasuke tells them to wait while he goes on. Elsewhere a Naruto sees a cloaked figure which Sharingan so he moves to hide. From the shadows steps Itachi, who asks Naruto to reveal himself. Don't miss the encounters of Itachi with Naruto and Sasuke and the first part of Jiraiya's journey to the Rain village to discover Pain!

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