Naruto Manga Volume #41

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: Jiraiya's Decision, Jiraiya no sentaku!! (自来也の選択!!)

In the bed chamber, a figure rises. Elsewhere Jiraiya asks what god's plan is but the prisoner says he doesn't know. Jiraiya asks what then of Akatsuki, and the other replies he knows nothing of them either. Jiraiya warns him not to lie and threatens to turn him into a bug. He them summons a toad and tells him to go to Naruto if anything happens to him. Then he explains that the Kyuubi is a natural disaster but it wasn't an accident it attacked Konoha, someone summoned it. The toad says that's crazy, no one could do that. Jiraiya replies one could, Uchiha Clan founder, Madara. The toad laughs and states no way, as Madara was one of Konoha's founders over 60 years ago. Meanwhile at the Valley of the End, Tobi sits on the statue of Madara opposite Shodai Hokage. Jiraiya states this whole thing gives him a bad feeling... Elsewhere Team Snake rushes on and Karin states there are people with identical chakra all around them. Sasuke states they will push through. Naruto continues through the forest and sees Sasuke ahead. He yells out and is quickly dispatched by Sasuke-s Chidori. The clone disperses in smoke and Sasuke states Naruto never gives up. Elsewhere Naruto receives the knowledge of the meeting and yells to the others to follow him. In Rain, the imprisoned Rain ninja emerges and tells the frog to return to Konoha and find Ibiki. Jiraiya meets Konan and recognizes her as his former student. Soon he recognizes the eyes as the Rinnegan, one of the three legendary Doujutsu in Nagato who appears in the scene. The fight between teacher and student begins, as Jiraiya has to face the 6 bodies of Pain who share a linked vision. See him fight as never before and coming to a surprising realization in these chapters:

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