Naruto Manga Volume #42

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: The Secret of the Mangekyo, Mangekyō no himitsu...!! (万華鏡の秘密...!!)

A surprised Jiraiya recognizes his other student, Yahiko as the leader Pain but having Nagato's eyes. Pain offers no answer other than that they are God and they all launch towards him. Elsewhere Karin announces a powerful chakra is quickly approaching. The figure appears and Suigetsu recognizes the man. Kisame states Sasuke can go on alone. Sasuke says of course but Karin states if they defeat Kisame they can all go together. Sasuke says no, it will be him alone finding revenge. Suigetsu picks a fight with Kisame over the Samehada sword while Itachi asks his younger brother just how much he can see with his Sharingan. Elsewhere Tobi greets the squads from Konoha and offers that numerical advantage is in their favor. Kakashi offers that the man before them wasn't in Kabuto's book. Tobi states he's new and Kakashi says they should be careful but they have the advantage. Tobi asks if he's being underestimated when suddenly another Naruto comes flying in with Rasengan. He slams it into Tobi's back but continues flying through his body when his target becomes intangible. Back at the compound Sasuke answers that the only thing he can see is Itachi's death. Jiraiya uses his last strength to wrote a message on the toad's back when realizes that Naruto was the child of prophecy and he now leaves everything to him. As Tobi keeps escaping the attacks, Pain reveals to Zetsu that it's time for them to capture the Kyuubi and Itachi and Sasuke begin their fight using only the Genjutsu powers of their eyes until Tsukoyomi gets broken. Using ninjutsu now, the strength of Sasuke's flame begins to push Itachi's back, so the Itachi focuses his right eye. As blood begins to come from it he calls upon Amaterasu and opens his eye. Suddenly a huge, tendril of black flames flies towards Sasuke...

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