Naruto Manga Volume #45

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: Battlefield, Konoha, Senjō, Konoha!! (戦場、木ノ葉!!)

Team 'Hawk' is fighting with the 8 tails beast jinchuuriki and they are shocked by its power as he forms a large ball of destructive chakra which he fires into Suigetsu. Suigetsu and portions of the surrounding countryside are blown away. In the distance two Cloud ninja hear the disturbance. Elsewhere at Myouboku Mountain, Naruto continues his training and excitedly yells he can see the natural energy. Back in Lightning, the two Cloud ninja rush to the scene. They wonder why Killer Bee is in his Bijuu form, even after the Raikage warned him not to transform. Suddenly the duo sees Team Hawk below. Seeing the Akatsuki robes they recognize the group who took Yugito. Down below, Team Hawk looks at the watery unconscious form of Suigetsu. Karin offers that there's no way to run and an exhausted Sasuke looks at his team members. Remembering their various offers of help and sacrifice, Sasuke closes his eyes and sees Kakashi, Sakura and Naruto. As the Hachibi moves to strike again, Sasuke's left eye begins to bleed. It opens to reveal his Mangekyou and the black flames of Amaterasu. The Hachibi falls under hell's flames but some of them spread also to Kari's back. Sasuke surpassing himself manages to extinguish the flames. In Myouboku, Naruto cries as he finishes Jiraiya's book about the hero named Naruto, the man he is unknowingly named after. Naruto thinks back to his time training with Jiraiya as Akatsuki's hidden base while Sasuke throws the bound Killer Bee before Madara. He offers his approval and Sasuke turns to leave. Madara asks where he's going and Sasuke says to heal and then to Konoha. Madara remembers an earlier conversation with Sasuke. Sasuke explains that he plans to wipe out all of Konoha, not just the elders. He can't forgive them. The Raikage orders they dispatch a battalion based on the information they do have about their man's last location. He orders Samui's team to prepare and that word be sent to Konoha that they'll deal with Uchiha Sasuke. He then says to prepare a summit of the Five Kages, and that Akatsuki will pay for their actions. Back in Konoha, Shikamaru, Sakura and Shiho discuss how Pain controlled his bodies, possibly through Genjutsu. Shikamaru offers that the group had immortals with them, so anything is believable at this point. Pain has now reached Konoha and at Akatsuki's base, Killer Bee floats in the air while Hachibi is extracted. Zetsu comments that the extraction takes forever with so few members. Suddenly the group looks in surprise as Bee turns into a tentacle and then falls to the ground. Bee fooled team Hawk! Konoha gets destroyed by Pain's attacks. Kakashi faces him but knows he doesn't have a chance and Tsunade, frantic, yells "Call Naruto Back!!". Do not miss this incredible arc of Naruto.

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