Naruto Manga Volume #46

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: Naruto Returns, Naruto kikan!! (ナルト帰還!!)

Both Pain and Chouza compliment Kakashi's tactical skills. Kakashi states he may have figured out Pain's ability. He determines all the attacks were blocked through some form of attraction and repulsion force, and that it appears to take a short interval to recharge. They can use that interval to plan their attack. At Myouboku, Fukasaku asks Naruto if he's ready to practice fusing. Naruto wonders if Konoha's okay with the threat of Akatsuki. Fukasaku dismisses it, saying the village has excellent ninja and that a frog would alert them if needed. In Konoha, a bloodied Kakashi is pinned in rubble while Pain stands triumphant. Katsuyu's slugs begin healing the wounded, while an ANBU flanked Tsunade focuses herself to disperse her chakra. Underground, Danzou offers to his gathered Root that the commotion will allow him to act undetected. One of Root asks if they should help, Danzou says no. Some of the village will be saved, but the other's sacrifice will be necessary for him to become Hokage. Shizune considers how each Pain body can only use one type of jutsu and that the summoning body was taken out. Shizune tells Inoichi they should compile their information. Ibiki tells them to go, they'll handle Pain. Elsewhere amongst the rubble of Konoha, Konohamaru emerges from the shadows. At Myouboku, Naruto trains in an effort to gather natural energy while moving. Fukasaku says it's impossible but Naruto refuses to give up. Seeing the code on the toad's back, he states it was also meant for him. Suddenly Naruto has a revelation. In Konoha, Tsunade senses the status of the fallen, including Kakashi. She punches down a stone protrusion in frustration. Konoha's best try to fight each body of Pain's while Tsunade continues dispersing her healing chakra to the fallen. The ANBU come to attention as Deva jumps to the roof. Tsunade recognizes the man, who offers a greeting to her as the last of the Sannin. Konan asks what's happening and Pain explains that he is going to use his jutsu. At Myouboku, Fukasaku wishes luck to a toad travelling to Konoha to find Shima. The ninja in the village begin to regroup and the toad arrives through a water basin portal. Suddenly a massive gravity wave is unleashed at the center of Konoha, sending rubble and debris up as it expands outwards to Hokage Mountain and the outer wall. From within the rubble emerges a slug, which expels Sakura. She looks at the destruction in shock and yells for Naruto to quickly return. Naruto returns and begins his fight with Pain. The volume ends with Deva, Hell and a tired non-Sennin mode Naruto.

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