Naruto Manga Volume #47

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: The Seal Destroyed, Fūin hakai!! (封印破壊!!)

Naruto's and Pain's battle continues! As Pain moves to stab Naruto with his chakra pike, the Naruto clone disperses, sending its gathered energy back to the original Naruto. Naruto breaks the pike and kicks Deva away. Fukasaku explains that Naruto left behind two Sennin Mode Kage Bunshin for later summoning. After the best combination of jutsu Naruto has ever made he manages to to take out Deva Path with double Rasengans! Naruto is clearly at his best! The three toad giants jump to attack and Pain launches himself out of the way. Katsuyu explains Deva's powers to Naruto and the five second delay. Fukasaku suggests they try Genjutsu. The toad giants move to strike again and are launched flying by Shinra Tensei. Fellow villagers watch on and do not interfere. Hinata moves to help but a fellow clan member suggests she stay back to not get in Naruto's way. However Pain's power is back and as he raises his arm Naruto is drawn through the air towards him. Hungry Ghost punches Naruto in the chest and holds him in place. Deva explains that he won't kill Naruto and the young man offers that he shouldn't be underestimated, but he stops to suddenly feel his power leaving him. Hungry Ghost draws out the Sennin chakra, returning Naruto to normal. Deva then voices his success at capturing the Kyuubi. Naruto ponders how he can't move but then considers how that works in his favor. Focusing, he draws in natural energy for Senjutsu chakra which Hungry Ghost quickly absorbs, causing him to turn into a toad-like stone. But this was not Pein's final word after a killing Fukasaku he impales Naruto with more chakra spikes and explains that he missed the vital organs. Shima yells for Naruto to not give up, as Jiraiya and her husband believed in him. Deva knocks her back and moves to collect Naruto. From behind rushes Hinata, who forces Deva to retreat backwards. Hinata states that she won't let Pain lay a hand on Naruto. Naruto yells out to know why she came, as she's no match for Pain. Hinata explains that she knows that, she's here of her own free will, because she loves him! But she is no match to him. Pain takes her life easily but as a result comes Naruto's rage. Tendrils emerge from his chest to try to contain him. Reaching down he raises the Hokage necklace and crushes it, freeing him from its binding. Naruto is now Kyuubi, the monster is unleashed. Who will be able to stop it and save Naruto? The long awaited appearance of Naruto's father finally occurs!

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