Naruto Manga Volume #48

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: The Cheering Village, Kanko no sato!! (歓呼の里!!)

As Deva is sent flying into the rubble below, Naruto falls to the ground. Nagato informs Konan of Deva's defeat. Naruto removes a piercing from Deva and remembers the man's words on attaining justice through pain and that merely understanding one another isn't enough. Naruto stabs his palm with the piercing and thinks over his fallen comrades and Pain's belief in the rule of hatred. Katsuyu suggests Naruto wait for help but he says he'll handle it alone, he wants to talk to Pain alone. Further ahead, Sennin Mode Naruto stops at a large tree made of paper sheets. Peeling it open, reveals Nagato and Konan. Nagato half dead already tries to lure Naruto with his chakra but he resists; then talks to him about pein and suffering, but Naruto stops him. He wants to hear his story and the flashback begins. After it, Nagato is shaken and Naruto explains that Naruto's name was precious to Jiraiya, he can't disrespect it. He'll become Hokage and he'll make the peace, for Hidden Rain too. Believe in him. Nagato considers both Yahiko and Naruto's words and his time together with his parents and Jiraiya. He offers that he was joking earlier when he said they should understand each other because they studied under the same master but Naruto is odd, as he reminds him of a younger version of himself. Nagato couldn't believe in Jiraiya or himself but Naruto chose a different path and he can see a different future through him. Removing his arms from the chair, Nagato declares he will believe in Naruto... As Naruto journeys back to Konoha he begins to collapse. Kakashi catches him and tells him he did a good job. They return to a large gathering of grateful villagers. Naruto is stunned and Katsuyu explains that she told everyone what happened. Villagers crowd around him and the toads watch from a distance. At the Akatsuki hideout, Zetsu reports of Pain's death and Konan's leaving. Tobi ponders that they'll need more pawns in order to properly sync with Gedou Mazou. He directs Kisame to find the Eight-Tails, as he has other pressing matters. Elsewhere in the Fire Country, the Cloud trio continue their journey to Konoha. Danzou offers that the matter of appointing the next Hokage needs to be addressed. The Daimyou asks if they can wait on Tsunade but Koharu offers that they don't know when she'll wake up and that she's partially responsible for Konoha's destruction. The Daimyou states he always liked Jiraiya but since he's dead, who? Danzou begins to speak but Shikaku declares it should be Kakashi. The Daimyou offers his appreciation for the man and his advisors debate Kakashi's merits and his teaching lineage to the Third Hokage. Danzou angrily declares that the Third is the reason they're in this mess. He and his pupils' failures led to many of the problems the village has faced. The village needs a strong leader who can resolve their problems and properly enforce their laws. And only he himself is capable of such a feat. The advisors offer it may be best but Shikaku voices his disapproval of Danzou's fanaticism. The Daimyou says he's heard enough, Danzou will be the Sixth Hokage...The first act of the 6th is to ask for Sasuke's head! The Five Kage Summit is about to begin!

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