Naruto Manga Volume #50

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: Water Prison Death Match!!, Suirō no shitō!! (水牢の死闘!!)

As a bloody Sasuke looks on with Mangekyou, Gaara tells Sasuke his eyes are still the same. Karin quickly takes her chance to locate Danzou, which in turn is felt by Root member Fuu. Raikage demands Shii hurry and Darui moves to assist the Sand siblings. All four unleash attacks forcing Sasuke to utilize both eyes. As the dust of the resulting explosion clears, the dark spectral form of Susanoo protects Sasuke. The Uchiha states that his absolute defense is even better than Gaara's. Karin is shocked that Sasuke's chakra is completely different and Gaara ponders if this is the power of darkness? Sasuke replies that only those who can control both Mangekyou eyes can use Susanoo... Shii yells for everyone to retreat as the Susanoo specter swipes its sword at the surrounding pillars. With the pillars gone, the room begins to collapse around the ninja and samurai below. Leaving Suigetsu and Juugo behind, Sasuke uses Susanoo to grab Karin and move out of the way. He asks if she found Danzou and demands she guide him there. Karin is surprised by Sasuke's coldness. Down below, Raikage knocks away a chunk of falling rubble, while Gaara protects everyone around him with his sand. Raikage moves in pursuit and Gaara ponders what Naruto would have done. Mizukage wins the fight against Sasuke but Madara saves his life, swirls into existence carrying an unconscious Sasuke. Madara introduces himself and offers that he'd like to explain his Eye of the Moon plan...Surprised, all the Kages listen to Madara's twisted plan but no one of them accepts his terms. Madara offers that they'll meet again on the battlefield and swirls out of existence. Elsewhere the fight between two monsters begins, Kisame Vs Killer Bee! Who will win?

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