Naruto Manga Volume #51

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Title: Sasuke vs. Danzo...!!, Sasuke bāsasu Danzō...!! (サスケVSダンゾウ...!!)

Elsewhere Tobi stands in the way of Danzou and says it's been awhile since he saw him last, since the Uchiha massacre? Back at the inn, the Leaf receive the news and Kakashi remains non-committal at becoming Hokage. He offers that they should head back to Konoha and see what everyone thinks. Temari says with the promise of war they can't go slowly. Yamato offers that Kakashi should be acting as Hokage from now on as they can't let Madara get the upper hand. Kakashi says he's right. Gaara offers that in this war they have to protect the Hachibi and Kyuubi, and as Kazekage he will protect Naruto with his life. And should Sasuke challenge the coalition, he will show him no mercy. Elsewhere, Madara offers his approval for Danzou's selection of men and phases into the pillar. Torune moves to remove his shirt and spreads his poison bugs through his body. Madara quickly emerges from behind and swirls him out of existence. Madara grabs his right arm in pain, having been successfully infected. He crushes his right bicep, causing the whole arm to fall away. He quickly kicks the arm at Fuu, and as the man dodges, he swirls the Root member out of existence. Sasuke appears in the scene and demands he be let out by Madara. Madara says he will, he has a gift for the young man. On a brdige, Danzou greets the young Uchiha who is swirled into being along with Karin by Madara. Madara suggests Karin stay out of the way so she moves aside. Dropping the remaining iron seals and bandages on his right arm, Danzou says this is the perfect opportunity for him to take Sasuke's Sharingan. As Danzou flexes his right arm, multiple Sharingan eyes stare out... As Madara watches in the distance, Sasuke asks Danzou about the eyes on his arm. The elder ninja says each has a story but now is not the time for it. Sasuke offers that it would only make him angrier and he already plans on killing him anyway. He has one question though, did he and the other elders authorize Itachi's killing of the Uchiha? Danzou ignores the question by forming hand seals and charging towards Sasuke, but Susanoo protects him. Again, Sasuke demands Danzou answer his question. As Susanoo begins to crush Danzou, blood spits from his mouth. He offers that he didn't realize Itachi was the type of man who reveals all his secrets. He then offers that Sasuke was indeed special to his brother. Sasuke recalls Madara's words that Itachi gave up everything for his brother. Sasuke states it's true then. Danzou explains that being a shinobi means sacrificing oneself and going fully into shadow. Itachi was not the first to do so; such is the ugly truth of the world. But it's people like that who preserve the peace, and now Sasuke is rejecting that very will of Itachi's. Though by revealing what happened, Itachi has betrayed Konoha. Hearing enough, Susanoo's fist clinches and totally crushes Danzou into nothing, sending blood everywhere. Sasuke mockingly orders the dead man to never speak Itachi's name again. From behind him Danzou agrees, they should now talk with their eyes. A surprised Sasuke turns as the unharmed Danzou maintains a hand seal... As Danzou jumps away, Sasuke engulfs him in Amaterasu flames. Madara offers that Sasuke is unnecessarily overtaxing himself. Karin yells out a warning as an unharmed Danzou fires Fuuton projectiles towards Sasuke. Sasuke is forced to retreated over the side of the bridge. In midair he wipes his blood and summons a large hawk which hovers him. Madara wonders when Sasuke got the new summon and Danzou states that with that Amaterasu use, Sasuke really is Itachi's brother. As Karin watches from a distance, she notices one of the Sharingan eyes on Danzou's arm close. Sasuke warns Danzou again to not speak of Itachi. From Sasuke's body crows emerge and take flight. They quickly circle the confused Danzou and combine into a human form... that of Uchiha Itachi. An excited Madara contemplates the way Sasuke's rage is increasing his power and his ability to break Danzou's binding seal. The new Susanoo draws back an arrow and fires it towards Danzou. Don't miss this exciting battle and the next encounter of Sasuke and Kakashi!

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