Naruto Manga Volume #53

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

The Birth of Naruto. Naruto no shusshō (ナルトの出生)

Naruto manages to finally destroy his own evil self but now, it's time for the Kyuubi. Naruto releases Kyuubi from his seal and the demon fox immediately attacks, but Killer Bee manages to enter into Naruto’s mind to offer assistance by holding the fox back with Hachibi's tentacles. However, his power is diminished inside Naruto’s mind and the Kyuubi breaks free. Now it is up to Naruto to face Kyuubi one-on-one in a chakra tug of war. Whoever manages to pull the other’s chakra completely out of their body will be victorious. The battle is ferocious: chakra cannon blasts, sage mode, super rasengan but still Kyuubi's hatred is just too overwhelming for Naruto. At the final moment, when all is about to be lost, Kushina appears. Naruto's mother, a stunning redhead explains to her son how she and his father fell in love, how they used both his and her chakra to form the Kyuubi’s seal in order to aid Naruto one day when he confronts his inner demon and that she was the fox's previous host. Strengthened by his mother's presence Naruto manages to defeat the Kyuubi and upon fusing with the fox’s chakra, Naruto obtains a new seal and is surrounded by an aura of chakra bearing many resemblances to the Sage of Six Paths. Flashback to Naruto's birth. A wonderful series of chapters follows showing Madara's first attack to Konoha, the heroism of Kushina, the hard decision to leave Naruto an orphan in order to save the people of the whole shinobi world and the heartbreaking sacrifice of Minato. will not offer any further description of this volume not to spoil the amazing plot. Do not lose one of the best volumes of the whole series for anything! Read all the chapters here:


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