Naruto Manga Volume #54

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

The Bridge to Peace. Heiwa e no kakehashi (平和への懸け橋)

His new powers make Naruto able to sense the danger lurking inside the Samehada Sword and Kisame reveals himself to Guy. In order to defeat him Guy opens his sixth gate and perform his Daytime Tiger rarely seen one-hit-kill move. Kisame summons his shark trying even before protecting his own life to protect his newly obtained information. However, he loses and while unconscious bites his own tongue in order to force himself back to consciousness and prevent Aoba from obtaining any information about the Akatsuki from him. He then creates a dome of water around himself preventing Guy from attacking him and summons three sharks within it. His mind travels back to his first meeting with Itachi and considering Itachi's words, makes his own sharks consume him before Yamato has a chance to stop him. Watching his death Naruto realizes that there are true friendships even within Akatsuki and Guy swears that he will forever remember the real shinobi named Kisame. Meanwhile, Konan and Tobi are preparing to battle in Amekagure. Her resolve is so great that from the beginning of the battle she shows that she is welcoming death if that would stop Tobi. She reveals her ultimate technique but her attack is interrupted by Tobi who uses a genjutsu to force her to reveal the location of Nagato's corpse. Tobi arrives at the shrine where Nagato is hidden, and states that Nagato is the "third of the six paths" and a member of the Uzumaki clan. Konan is lying dead and Nagato's body is claimed from the dead by Madara. At the Akatsuki hideout, Tobi with a new outfit declares it's time to capture the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox and reveals an army of one hundred thousand white Zetsu. Finally, the Tsuchikage battles both Deidara and Kabuto who manages to capture Yamato, however Naruto cannot be tricked anymore ...


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