Naruto Manga Volume #55

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Start of the Great War! Taisen, Kaisen! (大戦、開戦!)

The Allied Shinobi Forces discover the amount of troops Akatsuki's army has, and they begin formulating counter-measures as Tobi with Kabuto and Zetsu march for war. The first battle begins between Kabuto and Anko while the Kages inspired by Gaaras speech promise that victory will be theirs. Everyone is engaging into preparations of battle while others have already started; to his suprise Sai discovers he has to fight his long lost friend, while seems to be gaining the upper hand from his hiding place. Omoi, Kankuro and Sai Vs Deidara and Sasori battle takes an unexpected turn while Naruto begins to learn a new technique. Tobi still doubts Kabuto and demands to know the secret of the Impure World Resurrection Technique. Kabuto obliges granting even more power to Madara. Finally, the allied forces learn of the Zetsu Army moving underground. Kakashi's division arrives to help out the Surprise Attack Division. Zabuza and Haku ask about what had become of Naruto but Kabuto erases their personalities completely. Kabuto uses Anko Mitarashi to strengthen the Impure World Resurrection technique even more and also summons the previous Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist as backup. Zabuza and Haku are captured and restrained. Kitsuchi is informed of thousands of more Zetsu travelling underneath them. Mū, the Second Tsuchikage, is discovered by Gaara with his sand.


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