Naruto Manga Volume #57

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Battle! Naruto senjō e...!! (ナルト戦場へ...!!)

Naruto refuses to be tricked anymore. Questioning the presence of other Konoha shinobi and feeling that there is something that they are trying to hide from him, he enters Sage Mode and forces his way out of the temple. In Sage Mode he can easily sense others fighting close by and prepares to leave when Iruna stops him: with his word and a barrier from which Naruto easily escapes using the Fox's chakra. Naruto finds a note from Iruka in his forehead protector, asking him to come back alive. Naruto eats the note runs to the battlefields along with Killer bee. Black Zetsu arrives at the location of the 5 daimyos but is intercepted by the Fifth Mizukage, Chōjūrō, Raidō, Genma, and others there to protect them. Black Zetsu detects Naruto and B out of the barrier, and alerts White Zetsu and Tobi. Tobi gives up on using the daimyō as bargaining chips, but decides to keep Zetsu fighting the Mizukage to split their forces. At the coast, all White Zetsu are defeated, and resurrected ninja are incapacitated. Tobi appears and summons the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path. The Raikage decides to stop Naruto himself and asks Tsunade to join him, leaving Shikaku Nara in charge. Shikamaru and Darui try to stop Tobi, but he easily escapes nearly killing them. Tobi retreats, and Kabuto notices Tobi got Kinkaku and Ginkaku. The Allied Shinobi Forces prepare for the night, both them and Akatsuki having lost half their forces. Naruto has a conversation with the Demon Fox reassuring him that he will indeed bear the hatred of all the world and Sasuke if that is the only way. Neji collapses from overuse of the Byakugan; so, Kiba has him go to the medical unit but there it is revealed that there is a spy among them. Sakura again shows that her feelings for Sasuke remain unchanged and she keeps on healing the injured with great resolve. However, more people are found dead at the Logistical Support and Medical Division and the existence of a spy who managed to infiltrate their most important unit is now a devastating reality, but who he is? The Raikage is determined to kill Naruto and Bee unless they agree to stand down and a flashback is shown of the two brothers past. Raikage is still unsure but after Naruto dodges his top speed attack, he allows Naruto and B to pass. Meanwhile, as the sun begins to rise, Tobi stands with a newly created Six Paths of Pain, composed of the resurrected jinchūriki. Each of them, like Tobi, have a Sharingan and Rinnegan.


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