Naruto Manga Volume #59

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Gathering of the Gokage...!! Gokage shūketsu...!! (五影集結...!!)

The Second Mizukage seems to be unbeatable and the combined efforts of both Gaara and Onoki seem to have been in vain. He also refuses to help them defeat him saying that if they can't do that on their on then they stand no chance against his summoners. However, Gaara uses the last trick up his sleeve and explains that he hid some of his father's Gold Dust in the sand clone, putting it in the Mizukage's clone, slowing it down and dissipating the heat, melting the gold and making the shell. The Mizukage is impressed by Gaara's strategy and with Gaara. At the coast, the Allied shinobi devised a strategy so they don't fight each other trying to find impostors, but are left vulnerable to new attacks. A Naruto shadow clone arrives, much to their relief. A restrained Dan, intrigued by Naruto's resemblance to Nawaki, asks who he is. He's told of Naruto's status as the Nine-Tails' jinchuriki, his dreams of becoming Hokage and Tsunade's faith in him by Chōza and Shikamaru. At the Logistical Support and Medical Division compound, two disguised White Zetsu almost strike Sakura, but are defeated by a Naruto clone. At another battlefield, another Naruto shadow clone identifies disguised White Zetsu, and saves Hinata from three of them. Neji and Kiba notice how different Naruto is. Many White Zetsu arrive at the Third Division's location, but so does one of Naruto's clones.A local sensor detects Mū's split double, Onoki is impressed he managed to do that just before being sealed. Mū is joined by a resurrected Madara Uchiha, causing all to wonder who is the man behind the mask, leading the opposing side in the war. An exciting battle between Madara/Tobi and Naruto along Killer B commences but its Onoki that decides to pick himself up from the ground and battle both Mu and Madara simultaneously. Tsunade explains that it's the name Tobi wanted of Madara and the reputation that name had. Naruto insists on helping fight Madara but Tsunade tells him to leave Madara to them while he fights the other Madara, the man called Tobi. As the clone disperses they leave one word with him "win". Elsewhere, the real Naruto and B encounter Tobi. Tobi's Six Paths of Pain jinchūriki begin battling Naruto and Killer B with their unique and powerful moves. Upon hearing the real Madara's revival, Tobi curses Kabuto. Tobi says he can be called Tobi or Madara but he could care less any more since the war has started. Naruto asks who he really is but Tobi claims he is just no one, and only cares about accomplishing his Eye of the Moon Plan. Tobi states that the world is worthless and there is nothing but misery and says Naruto and B would understand, due to their childhood. However, Naruto admits his life with a tailed beast inside him wasn't bad. Naruto says all the things that the "no one" has said are nothing more than lies. The two jinchuriki become dedicated in unmasking him but Tobi says they will have to fight for it first. The deceased jinchuriki grow a tail of their former tailed beasts and Tobi declares he will capture Naruto and B and fulfill his plan. The exciting battle of jinchuriki begins!


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