Naruto Manga Volume #60

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Kurama!! ~Kurama!! 九喇嘛!!

The battle between Team Naruto and the Jinchuurikis goes on furiously but Hachibi's seal powers fail to bind the beasts. Instead, they are now more powerful and follow Tobi's orders to the resurrected to attack. Naruto is saved from death by Kakashi sensei who rescues him at the last second. Kakashi and Might Guy are now ready to face Tobi and his super powers with their own Sharingan and green beast abilities! Meanwhile, Sasuke destroys the underground lair and emerges into the world while Suigetsu and Juugo carry on to find an Orochimaru hideout.
The battle between the jinchuurikis continues when Naruto finds out that the beats can communicate telepathically and Kakashi is questioning why the dead Jinchuuriki are holding a special attack back. Tobi congratulates him for his analyzing abilities during battle and apologizes for now having to go big but, within Naruto the Kyuubi has opened an eye having come to a decision...Naruto faces Son, the Handsome King of the Sage Monkeys of Suiren, who mocks Naruto's resolution to become friends with Kurama. However, Naruto is having this conversation in the stomach of Son who ate him in the normal world! If only he could get rid off these chains ... Tobi remarks happily at capturing the Kyuubi, deciding he can contain it along with the Yonbi but as Sennin Naruto slams into Son's inner throat with his Frog jutsu, Kurama boldly declares that's just who Naruto is! Naruto stands before the Kyuubi prison, he reaches down to his stomach, recalling being called the monster fox in his youth and Iruka's words that Naruto seeks acknowledgment because he knows true pain. As we see the seal lock on the prison begin to unlock, Iruka's words echo that the boy is Konoha's Uzumaki Naruto. Inspired by those words from his youth, Naruto offers to the Kyuubi that he's not that monster fox any longer either, he's his team mate, his comrade from Konoha! As the lock releases and the bars swing open for good, Kurama looks on ready for battle as Naruto calls to move out! A new Bijuu Mode is revealed and in an emotional chapter chains suddenly withdraw the enemy Bijuu back into the Mazou. Naruto managed to learn 9 difficult names at once! At headquarters, the sensor ninja marvel at the Kyuubi's power. Ao ponders that it feels different though. He reports to Shikaku that Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy are pushing the masked man back. Sakura ruminates that Naruto saved Konoha and now tries to save the world, the impossible tasks always left to him. However, this time it's different, she and everyone else are all in it together. Somewhere else in the rain, Sasuke is stopped by numerous White Zetsu who informs him about the ongoing battle. Sasuke declares that he will go there too, to finally kill Naruto and he remembers Itachi's directive after the massacre to come to him when they shared the same eyes. He begins his journey again but he's suddenly shocked to see his brother Itachi traveling in the opposite direction...

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