Naruto Manga Volume #61

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Uchiha Brothers United Front ~ Kyōdai, kyōtō!! 兄弟、共闘!!

Sasuke yells that he has many questions, but his older brother says wouldn't listen to what he says anyway. The two brothers have a hard time understanding each other; Sasuke's resolution to find the truth las lead him to the decision to destroy Konoha while Itachi points out, with Naruto in mind, that there are other paths that he could follow. We return to the Kage battle, as Madara asks Tsunade if she's a descendant of Hashirama. She asks why it matters, as Madara explains it will make her the first he kills. Rolling up her sleeves, she warns him not to underestimate the will of fire! A furious battle between Madara and Tsunade begins while Itachi carries on to stop the Edo Tensei and sends crows to stop Sasuke.. A rock wall soon crumbles, as he enters Kabuto's lair. Kabuto expresses surprise the man penetrated his barrier. Itachi states he identified Kabuto's location when he was being controlled. Kabuto offers that it doesn't matter anyway, Edo Tensei wouldn't be stopped with his death, he has to end it. He laughs, stating things are looking up. As the shadow of Sasuke moves to enter the cavern, Itachi curses that things are actually worse than expected. Sasuke and Itachi agree to fight Kabuto together, but the problem is that the Edo Tensei won't stop if he dies! Kabuto unleashes great powers against the Uchiha brothers, but it seems that the bond between them is still unbroken. Itachi has already made the needed preparations to seal Kabuto's fate. As Kabuto charges to attack, Itachi announces it "Izanami" the Goddess of Creation and Death. Itachi locks his sword with Kabuto's claws and the two men then retreat back. Itachi explains that while Izanagi alters fate, Izanami decides it. Standing beside his brother once again, Itachi asks Sasuke to stick close...Kabuto is gloating that Orochimaru's studies are now perfected within himself, from human to snake to dragon. He's now closer to Rikudou Sennin than even the Uchiha. Flashback to Kabuto's touching story. Back to reality, Kabuto explains that he wants their DNA and abilities, not their sermons. They are of the legendary Uchiha, who harbor many secrets and jutsu. Suddenly the Orochimaru on his chest shoots out to attack. Still hidden, Itachi directs Sasuke to look into his eyes. Sasuke does so and offers understanding. The brothers utilize Genjutsu and Tsukuyomi to enter each other's minds and free themselves, just as Orochimaru reaches the pair. With no time to spare, Susanoo arms cut and slam the Orochimaru into the ground. Kabuto looks on in silence and Itachi reveals he'll use Izanami now, Kabuto has failed. As Itachi forms a hand seal, Kabuto falls over. Instantly a second Kabuto emerges from the Orochimaru mouth to cut Itachi in two with his chakra hand. Sasuke and Itachi are stunned as Kabuto looks on in cold calculation. He offers that there's no way geniuses like them who had everything could understand, he simply wanted to be himself, and no one will get in his way. The battle continues, and in the end, Kabuto yells Itachi's name in despair. We then see reality for the first time; Kabuto stands helpless as a one Mangekyou eyed Itachi rests his hand on Kabuto's head. Itachi avows to the nearby Sasuke that it is the jutsu which decides fate, the one known as Izanami. Now, it's time to deal with Edo Tensei...

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