Naruto Manga Volume #62

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

The Crack ~ Hibi 皹

His short conversation with his brother has left Sasuke, once again, confused. Itachi then directs the paralyzed Kabuto to tell him the hand seals to stop Edo Tensei. On the battlefield, the Kages are fighting with all their strength but how can one win such creatures? Their attacks don't work on Madara and he gloats that such attacks won't have any effect on him, so they must plan it as a feint but His words are suddenly cut off as he notices the sand hidden inside the water, which locks him in place. Gaara announces that there's more, as more sealing tagged sand encases the Uchiha. Mei ponders that Madara is now in a corner, as countering one of the jutsu gets him hit by a counter of their own. Oonoki determines the same, planning for another Jinton follow up if needed. He yells that is the power of the Five Kage, leaving Madara to finally acknowledge their worthiness as Kage as the sand fully encompasses him. He then explains that's why he'll respond in kind with his full power. The sand is sent flying and a Rinnegan-eyed Madara gloats that even with their titles, it will mean nothing to the perfect form of Susanoo that now towers above him. The Kage marvel, but Madara announces he isn't done. He further stabilizes the Susanoo and it towers over the area, decked in its mask and armor. Tsunade questions if her grandfather really fought against such an impossible foe. Madara affirms that only Hashirama could stand a chance, but he's dead. Moreover, even if he was there... the Susanoo quick draws its sword and unleashes a severing swipe, which cleaves the tops off two nearby mountains. All hope is lost. Back at the cavern, Kabuto voices the hand signs to end Edo Tensei. Itachi then directs Kabuto to perform them. The seals are weaved and Sasuke looks on with his Sharingan. He closes his eyes and returns them to normal and states that nothing he says will appear to change things. He wanted to confirm with Itachi if the things Tobi and Danzou said were true. However, that's not all that was confirmed. When they're together he remembers growing up and their time together, that's why when they get along like they used to he understands him better. It's also why his hatred towards Konoha also increases, becoming stronger than ever. He understands how Itachi wants him to be, being his older brother. But as his younger brother, he won't stop no matter what he says. As Itachi defends the village, he'll destroy it. Sasuke offers a finale goodbye and Edo Tensei is released. Back in the cave, Itachi continues his walk and explains he has no more reason to lie; he'll let Sasuke know the truth. He explains the massacre was as Danzou and Tobi said, so he'll show him. Activating his Sharingan, Sasuke is transported into Itachi's memories. Sasuke finally learns the truth in his brother's memories. Embracing his brother for the final time, Itachi declares that no matter what happens, he will always love him.
Back in the battlefield, Madara's soul begins to exit his body, but the Kage's joy upon seeing an end to this war is short lived. The ash suddenly reforms around it and Susanoo takes shape once again. Tsunade has to face her biggest fear. Dan, her long lost love is resurrect to torment her but, she soon realizes that he is only there to save her one last time. Sasuke looks to the curse seal on Anko's neck and explains that Orochimaru is resistant, he wouldn't die so easily. He's willing to see the bastard again, as there's something needing to be done. The clan, the village... he's going to meet the man who knows everything...Orochimaru is revived! Meanwhile the fight between Tobi and Team Naruto continues and the secret behind the Space-Time Ninjutsu is finally revealed. Kurama explains that Yondaime Hokage left him to Naruto and they've become friends. He can now use his chakra, all because he was sealed within Naruto for one purpose, to take Tobi down! Naruto regains control of his body and smiles, while Kurama urges him to do it. As chakra bursts forth, Naruto re-enters Kyuubi Chakra Mode and bolts towards Tobi. Kurama voices his support, declaring that there's no way he'll fail...

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