Naruto Manga Volume #63

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

The Crack ~ Hibi 皹

The batle between Naruto and Tobi continues as we return to the past and see the images of a boy's life. Uchiha Obito frantically runs through Konoha to the Academy and arrives to see other kids his age already gathered. Tobi's identity is finally revealed. Uchiha Obito, always late, always ambitious, always Kakashi's friend, always infatuated with Rin! The plot thickens! How is this possible? The flashback carries on. Time advances again and we see Minato's Hiraishin kunai present, Rin’s medical bag present and Obito's dying gift of his left eye. We return to the present as Kakashi looks on with that same Sharingan eye. Guy looks on stunned while Naruto is confused. As the shattered pieces of Tobi's mask litter the ground below him, the adult, scarred form of Obito looks back at the men standing in his way...Naruto asks just who the man is. Guy explains that he's from their generation, an Uchiha who was thought to have died in the previous war. Kakashi questions if he was alive, why until now has he acted in this manner? Obito explains that whether he survived or not is irrelevant, but if he had to give a reason for his actions, it would be because Kakashi let Rin die. Kakashi looks on, wide-eyed and stunned. As Obito looks on, an unknown object strikes the ground next to him, sending debris flying. He and the other Leaf ninja look on in confusion, as a figure stands from the rubble. As the dust begins to clear, the mark of the Uchiha is revealed on the man's back. Standing beside the man once known as Tobi, Uchiha Madara tells Obito that it looks like he's been having fun. The Leaf are shocked by Madara's arrival. Madara announces that he'll take on the Bijuu, leaving Guy and Kakashi for Obito. As Obito looks on, Kakashi questions just what happened to Obito, why is he helping Madara? Obito looks on and we see the past. In the darkness, a voice questions if he's dead and an eye opens. As a heavily bandaged Obito looks on, he asks where he is. Looking down upon the young Uchiha, the elderly, grey haired Uchiha Madara reveals to the boy that he is in the space between his world and the next. Flashback to Obito's past again and his relationship with Madara and Zetsu. We see the past again, as Obito and Kakashi deflect incoming shuriken. Obito unsuccessfully so, as one implants in the back of his left hand. He looks in horror and quickly hides the injury. Rin bandages him up and tells him it's not good to hide wounds. But she'll look after him. In the cave, time has passed and Obito's hair has grown out. With his body strong and fit, he smiles as he's finally gotten use to his new body. He affirms that he'll soon leave, so please wait for him! Suddenly Zetsu emerges from the root and offers warning, as Rin and Kakashi are in danger! Obito bolts up and asks what happened. Zetsu explains that they're surrounded by Mist ninja. Obito bolts to the boulder blocking the exit and strikes it. It's barely damaged and Obito's right arm melts and sloughs off. He winces and Spiral warns that the boy can't break boulders just yet. Obito grits his teeth and holds his shoulder, declaring that he has to go and help them. Spiral looks on and unfurls his body. He directs the boy to wear him then as a husk shell. The tendrils recombine around Obito, to give him a familiar spiral mask. Obito questions that weren't they supposed to follow Madara's orders? Zetsu offers that Spiral is a good boy. Spiral then asks Obito that he wants to save his friends, right? Steadying himself in his new shell body, Obito thanks them for their help and run to help his friends. As he reaches the edge of the forest he looks in horror at the clearing beyond, for there stands Kakashi with his outstretched Raikiri charged hand, implanted through Rin's chest. Rin weakly voices Kakashi's name as the Sharingans of the two boy's look on in shock at the torment before them. Kakashi falls to his knees and mutters Rin's name. In the distance, Spiral Zetsu coils to surround Obito's head once again. As the young man looks on with his two tomoe Sharingan, Kakashi does so as well. Simultaneously the Sharingan pair they wield begin to change, first gaining a third tomoe, then twisting into a Mangekyou Sharingan. As Obito's eye goes wide he lets out a scream, while Kakashi's eye closes and he collapses unconscious. As Obito loses grip on his sanity, he begins to question where he is. The Mist turn to look as the new arrival roars and grows Mokuton branches and black chakra rods from his body. As the blood rains down from above, Obito stands alone on the gathering pool of gore. Spiral unfurls from his head and Obito utters his first coherent thoughts, coming to the realization that he's actually in Hell. Back in reality, Obito explains his plan and announces that he has nothing more to say. Forming a hand seal, he declares that the only thing left... is their final fight!

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