Naruto Manga Volume #64

Part 2: Naruto Shippuden Series

Ten Tails ~ Hibi 皹

Obito Vs Kakashi. Is this all about Rin? His Kamui technique saves him from getting warped in another dimension but Kakashi is soon in his knees completely overwhelmed by Obito's powers. Madara activates his Susanoo and uses Wood Release to bind down his opponent but a furious Naruto, fed up with the Uchihas' ideals, comes to the rescue. Kakashi and Guy draw strength listening to Naruto's resolution and Kakashi urges his Obito to rethink what he once said and to protect Naruto now. Kurama switches place with Naruto, lends some of his chakra to Kakashi and throws him straight towards Obito. Surprisingly, Kurama's plan works and Obito is coughing blood. As Kakashi returns to the real world thanking Kurama, Naruto and Killer B both combined their Tailed Beast Balls to create a massive sphere, firing it on the barrier containing the Demonic Statue. After the explosion, they note that the statue's chakra vanishes, causing Kakashi to question whether this is the end. However, when the smoke clears, the revived Ten-Tails appears, prompting Obito to declare that it is was indeed the end of this world. Elsewhere, a now-recovered Madara, though disappointed that he did not capture the Eight, and Nine-Tails, notes that they should begin their plan. Naruto is shocked that he could not sense the Ten Tails before but Kurama explains that this beast has no feelings, emotions or ideals; it's just a massive amount natural energy of destruction. Their failed attacked against the beast and Obito's harsh words make Naruto lash out at Obito once again stating his dream to become Hokage which leads Obito to tell him that he would make him the Hokage inside the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and as the Ten-Tails prepared to fire a Tailed Beast Ball, asked that Naruto vanish together with this world. The entire Allied Shinobi forces are here and a new technique — the "Allied Shinobi Forces Technique" — which is the strongest technique that ever existed in the shinobi world and that it could win against the Infinite Tsukuyomi ... but shortly after the Ten-Tails finally reaches maturity. A fierce battle takes place that causes Naruto and his commrades lose one of their own. Neji is dying. As Hiashi looks on in horror and Hinata cries openly, Naruto questions why a genius from the Hyūga clan would throw away his life for him, and Neji, who notes that he finally understood his father's feelings, states that it was for that exact reason that he did it: because Naruto called him a genius. With this, the juinjutsu on Neji's forehead disappears as it seals away his Byakugan. Obito then taunts Naruto, questioning if it had not been him who stated that he would not let his friends die.

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