Naruto Shippuden Episode 200

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so i'm the latest one here..but i can play any video??what goin on here????


@ 2012-08-28 06:50 pm#70

so i'm the latest one here..but i can play any video??what goin here????


@ 2011-11-20 08:04 am#69

Whre the New Video :0


@ 2011-11-11 09:54 am#68

Poor Naruto...


@ 2011-10-11 03:22 pm#67

saalam malai kuum malai kum salaam


@ 2011-07-11 03:14 pm#66

i can wait for the battle between sasuke and naruto


@ 2011-06-13 10:37 am#65

Hello everyone..


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Secure Video? What the hell is this??? ARRRGHHHH...


@ 2011-04-03 02:14 am#62

what now?


@ 2011-03-07 02:20 am#61

what it is this time, on less u have pramesion to secure the vedio

Nine Jinchuuriki

@ 2011-03-03 09:33 am#60

how hell do I use avatars?

I do not know

Nine Jinchuuriki

@ 2011-03-03 09:32 am#59

Mizukage very pretty and sexy

Nine Jinchuuriki

@ 2011-03-03 09:31 am#58

Mizukage very pretty sexy


@ 2011-03-03 07:34 am#57

at the end everybody in the hidden leaf will die and madara will capture killer bee himself the end

Evil Taka Sasuke

@ 2011-03-03 01:32 am#56

i know he is done Sasuke kicked his *** tomorrow the new ep. comes ep.201 i think Sasuke vs Raikage is the ep.201


@ 2011-03-02 11:22 pm#55

Deidara has been dead since he blew up to kill Sasuke. So wut about Deidara.8)


@ 2011-03-02 10:22 pm#54

xD i just hope Deidara some how brakes that mind contrroll thing n live...probably wont happen thow n if he gets deafeted i hope its by a cool oponet n not fkin sasuke agin! <---talking about the manga


@ 2011-03-02 10:10 pm#53

LOL listen at the end sasuke will prob kill someone like kakashi. then naruto will be angry and start to fight. then naruto will say believe it! sasuke will have a epic flash back the past bond with naruto and realies that there is good in the world. then he will realise that madara has been using him to destroy the hidden leaf. they will prob do some dance and fuse together to take down MADARA(who i think is sasukes great grandfather smiley


@ 2011-03-01 11:42 pm#52

good episode


@ 2011-02-28 08:37 am#51


Evil Taka Sasuke

@ 2011-02-28 03:12 am#50

Tricky i saw the OVA Sasuke i see u saw it as well but good thing but idea already takein


@ 2011-02-28 02:46 am#49

What they really need to write is a perfect trilogy of just squad 7 meeting up at the destroyed hidden leaf village. Thebiggest fight yet, Sasuke and Naruto both being fataly wounded and somehow surviving. PERFECT!smiley

Evil Taka Sasuke

@ 2011-02-28 01:59 am#48

Hmph..... i stood correct let the creator's of Naruto think what they want to do instead taking it the wrong way even thought it could go either way but still


@ 2011-02-27 11:55 pm#47

Sasuke should just go home he mad for all the wrong reasons And Naruto's store to back up sasuke is getting old like come on i would a ben said f*ck you sasuke. Sasuke said it 1000s of time


@ 2011-02-27 03:02 am#46

I guess the other option is Sasuke gets killed by Naruto but he would really have to grow up like in the battle of the Pains.

Evil Taka Sasuke

@ 2011-02-27 02:07 am#45

Well let the creator's pick which is going to happen to Sasuke


@ 2011-02-27 01:48 am#44

Naruto needs to grow up and get on wit his life and act like jinchuriki or he'll never beat sasuke. Imagine how much the whole storyline would have changed if Orochimaru had never laid a curse mark on Sasuke, and Itachi never killed off the Uchiha Clan. OPEN TO COMMENTS!


@ 2011-02-27 01:17 am#43

At the end of the day i think sasuke is going to put his big boy pants on and go back to the leaf

Evil Taka Sasuke

@ 2011-02-27 12:05 am#42

Im with Needles i mean come on really since Sasuke went to Orochimaru he hasnt lost by Naruto 1st battle Sasuke vs Naruto final vally Sasuke wins then Sasuke and Naruto at Orochimaru's hideout Sasuke wins the next battle to come is soon well it short but... after Sasuke kills Danzo then Naruto and Sasuke clash if but Sasuke...... spoiler

sra onakx

@ 2011-02-26 11:43 pm#41

damm i cant wait to see raikage vs sasuke


@ 2011-02-26 10:51 pm#40

nothing is happening


@ 2011-02-26 04:37 pm#39

I do agree wit du Danzo part do.


@ 2011-02-26 04:37 pm#38

They always have the perfect music to go along wit da show. Naruto needs grow up and stop bowing down to everyone like there his master.

naruto is a beast

@ 2011-02-26 04:29 pm#37

naruto is going to kill the raikage and sauske is going to kill the old fuck danzo

UniiK NoOna

@ 2011-02-26 04:16 pm#36

GAARA UR THE CUTEST THING EVER >> i think he should take the lead .. -_-


@ 2011-02-26 01:32 pm#35

sasuke is the greatest naruto is the bestest madara is the baddest Danzo is the dumbest (^__^). the end


@ 2011-02-26 12:53 pm#34

fuck this shit


@ 2011-02-25 07:01 pm#33

you really think narutos gonna save sasuke really? pretty sure hes gonna get into a final battle with naruto were one or both of them die or after the war sasuke will go on his own mak his own village and remake the uchiha clan


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@ 2011-02-25 02:31 pm#31

I want to see fights already. Come on.


@ 2011-02-25 01:54 pm#30

but they did not speak of naruto defeating pein

Naruto Uchiiha

@ 2011-02-25 01:11 pm#29

I pity Sasuke n I hope Sasuke comes back to village n the series ends with happiness noy sadness..... GO NARUTO BRING SASUKE BACK .....!!!!!


@ 2011-02-25 09:24 am#28

evil taka sasuke assuming you have been reading the manga.....naruto is pretty much up there....i think he could work the raikage.


@ 2011-02-25 06:55 am#27

ohhh...its getting so good man cant wait for the next episode...i go for hinata and naruto in the later future they look cute together..=]

siLent Rain

@ 2011-02-25 06:35 am#26

: awsome,, can't wait for the next ep. ^^


@ 2011-02-25 06:05 am#25

i like the music they put for team taka lol


@ 2011-02-25 02:18 am#24

Evil Taka - Sennin Modo. Nuff said.


@ 2011-02-25 02:10 am#23

Another good episode.

Evil Taka Sasuke

@ 2011-02-25 01:06 am#22


Everyone thinks Naruto is the strongest and best ninja because he has the nine tails -_- Raikage will kill Naruto like in a blink of an eye he i think Sasuke will have a better change im being honest..... the rest i won't tell cause ima be a spoiler

Evil Taka Sasuke

@ 2011-02-25 12:59 am#21

The action part's are almost here ^ ^


@ 2011-02-25 12:47 am#20


your logic fails. Naruto is one of the most powerful ninja in the shinobi world. The Raikage is saying action and strength are the true measure of ninja. If naruto followed that logic then naruto would simply destroy the Raikage before allowing him to kill Sasuke.


@ 2011-02-24 11:59 pm#19

finally its working


@ 2011-02-24 10:39 pm#18

Sweet, back to facebook player other one didn't load for me too well smiley


@ 2011-02-24 10:31 pm#17

the episdoe was awsome


@ 2011-02-24 10:21 pm#16

Danzo is fool in thinking the other 4 kages are going to believe him for much longer. When Tsunade wakes up shell tell the truth about Danzo.


@ 2011-02-24 09:18 pm#15

vizion007 Naruto let himself get beat up because he knows that just killing Sasuke wont end it. He told the cloud ninja to take her anger out on him because he knows what it is like for your master to be taken from you. He told her to beat him till she was content. He was humbling himself in front of the Kage because he wants him to forgive Sasuke so that the 2 villages wont take revenge till they destroy eachother. Because he feels the revenge wont stop at just Sasuke.


@ 2011-02-24 06:47 pm#14

I had no problem at all watching it.


@ 2011-02-24 06:43 pm#13

Wow, Bad ass episodes, I just got my manga from Atomic comic's the #50 , and I hate reading it but The episodes to come are Awesome!!!
(Yes I read my mangas after the episodes, I hate exp-oiling shows) :p


@ 2011-02-24 05:43 pm#12

try it now, show well.


@ 2011-02-24 03:45 pm#11

omg naruto looks sooooooo small and cute next to the huge raikage


@ 2011-02-24 03:24 pm#10

Its working. No fillers ;D
But its not realyl special :/


@ 2011-02-24 01:37 pm#9

Better download this episode.


@ 2011-02-24 01:26 pm#8

smiley not working? or so slow???


@ 2011-02-24 01:17 pm#7

Episode is not working.smileysmiley


@ 2011-02-24 01:12 pm#6

Can I watch this episode? It will be open


@ 2011-02-24 01:08 pm#5

i can see nothing.....


@ 2011-02-24 12:58 pm#4

What the hell is going on I can't play any of he videos???


@ 2011-02-24 12:46 pm#3

its freeking too slow yooo

sra onakx

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@ 2011-02-24 12:32 pm#1

There are times when Naruto is brilliant in his methods, attacks and reasoning, other times I wonder where his logic is. I was not much into him letting himself get beat up as well as humbling himself before the kage . I just attribute it to youth and realize that he is still growing. So glad the new episodes are out now.

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