Naruto Shippuden Episode 205

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@ 2012-07-17 02:14 am#74

asque il ya des soutitrage en francais

Sanjay uchiwa

@ 2012-03-13 03:25 pm#73

Can anyone tell me if there is french sub in this site plzz???

Rikodu sennin

@ 2012-01-26 01:12 pm#72

I like this episode and rikudou sennin is my favorite character


@ 2011-09-24 09:40 pm#71

great episode


@ 2011-05-15 02:54 am#70

nyahaha me to i really dont mind on that ponyo thing nyahaha


@ 2011-05-05 04:42 pm#69

I've listened that ponyo crap so many times that now i can recite every line of the commentator word to word with precise timing!!...


@ 2011-05-05 12:50 pm#68



@ 2011-04-14 04:25 am#67

holyy crap this is going to be amazing!!

Taiketsu Namikaze

@ 2011-04-14 01:08 am#66

I wished they made episodes about the other tailed beasts


@ 2011-04-12 06:28 am#65

when is the next episode be available?


@ 2011-04-07 11:46 am#64

I bet Sakura say she like Naruto or she say she dosen't like Naruto smiley


@ 2011-04-06 06:17 pm#63

10 tailled beast is ugly thing
could they find something else besiled the 1 eyed freek just fix the head


@ 2011-04-06 06:17 pm#62

10 tailled beast is ugly thing
could they find something else besiled the 1 eyed freek just fix the head


@ 2011-04-06 03:39 pm#61

Just so you guys can stop arguing, Sasuke is going to be the Hokage and not Naruto. Naruto will be like Jiraya he will be traveling and stuff, just like his master. And the 4th Hokage is still alive and he'll be facing Sasuke.. they're not really going to fight Sasuke would just freak out coz he doesn't know who's that person, and he couldn't see the guys face coz this guy was too fast for his regular sharingan, so what he did is he close his eyes for just a sec, just to use a mangekyou sharingan and when he opened his eyes the guy was already in front of him he freak out by using chidori and he didnt know it was the 4th Hokage..


@ 2011-04-05 12:35 am#60

ok tsunada sucks we all now that pain has a 5 second interval but madara only has one so tsunada would get fucked by every one even khonohumuru im with mesuki on this 1 smiley


@ 2011-04-04 11:55 pm#59

Kazykage-can defeat Tsunade with long range battling.
Mizukage-can defeat her by melting her or poisoning her.
Tsuchikage-Easily defeat her with particle cube. I hope you saw the speed he did that technique when he was facing Sasuke.
Raikage-I am not repeating this.
Sasuke-Genjutsu her, then kill her. Susanoo then kill her. Chidori spear her. ETC


@ 2011-04-04 11:51 pm#58


Sorry for not writting back for awhile, had plenty of work to do.

Please tell me,
what has tsunade accomplished in her kage career. Sure she is a great medical ninja, but that is all she is, and will ever be. If you actually read the last few episodes, fourth hokage was the greatest hokage ever, meaning tsunade cannot defeat him (NOTE: Obviously)
A was compared to be equal to the fourth in speed and power. Tsunade only has strength.
If Kakashi or Naruto were to become kage, they will automaticly be a better kage than she ever was. She was utterly useless in the Pain invasion. Even Danzo is better than her, and i dont even like danzo.
If sasuke turned out to be a kage (Which i doubt, but i hope), he would easily be a better kage than her.
Face it, she is the weakest kage ever. Anyone agrees?????


@ 2011-04-03 09:27 pm#57

it was great smiley but no action smiley


@ 2011-04-03 06:46 pm#56

moon is one form of those chakras! smiley lol :flaw:


@ 2011-04-03 02:56 pm#55

so cool... naruto rocks


@ 2011-04-03 12:36 pm#54

not bade explanation


@ 2011-04-03 07:48 am#53

It is pretty interesting story about the real form of all tailed-beast and the theory about the so6p...nice


@ 2011-04-03 07:37 am#52

great,great, i like it


@ 2011-04-02 10:14 pm#51

come on mizukage and garra and Ōnoki
asome but y is how come they wont let 1 of the advisors of the hidden leaf become leader allied shinobi army they are wiz but incomitten and let Naruto become a fully head ninja


@ 2011-04-02 08:54 pm#50

mezuki sorry about not writeing back but tsunade is the strongest A sucks up to tsunade she is older and stronger intelgent she fought honzo defeted lady chyio in medicel nin jutsu she the 3rd genartion kage she an senju and part uzumaki do to her grandma was an uzumaki she feard through out the kages she and A dear tuch tsunade naruto will fuck him up and destroy the cloud and tsunade might be possable famly to naruto she is the hidden leaf ninja and the are the strongest and most trust worthy village u see how the got the sand and stone mist and cloud and all other villages scared of them and all due to the uzumaki and senju famly i feel so sorry about some of the uchia that was donzo that was his doing he just untrust worthy just saying no offence


@ 2011-04-02 08:39 pm#49

4 ryukage need to go sove it he is week and his village sucks leaf beat the shit out off them every war and they need to die they are some fucking theves they tried to steel everything from the hidden leaf


@ 2011-04-02 05:13 pm#48

good episode

btw, tsunademan

A is not the weakest kage, possibly the strongest if not tied for strongest.

In my opinion, tsunade is the weakest kage in the history of the kage. She has nothing but strength, couldnt even defeat kabuto. Not even orochimaru,

next time, think before you write


@ 2011-04-01 11:52 pm#47

I must say, things are getting very interesting...

Naruto is maturing at a rapid pace...a big difference from the troubled youngster from 4 short years ago. Mastering the art of the Sage and as we all know, eventually harnessing the power of the 9-tails...

Sasuke is so painfully evil, it seriously is chilling. He as well is taking his power to new heights awaking the Susanoo...a feat acknowledged by Madara to be rare in itself.

Knowing that these two WILL eventually collide as part of their destiny does nothing but add to the suspense. Already they're 2 of the most powerful shinobi's from their respective clans. By the time they meet in battle, they will surely be the most powerful beings the shinobi world has ever seen. I can only imagine what this battle would look like...

Thanks Naruto Base for uploading everything in such a timely manner! I can always count on my naruto to be up and running every Thursday and Friday. Definitely donating to the cause! It's also nice to see others who love Naruto as much as me lol. Nice to see I'm not alone. See you guys next week!

Big D


@ 2011-04-01 08:43 pm#46

it was nice but next one is boring it should be hinata

A c A

@ 2011-04-01 08:33 pm#45

I wonder what world would look like if Madara succed with his plan. All people would be controlled by him? Wow, the chance that will happen is 1%, I doubt that Madara will succed, probobly he will be stoped and Naruto will save Sasuke from his darkness and they both will kill Madara and there would be end of this anime? But I hope this anime will never end, because its best anime I ever watched. :D


@ 2011-04-01 06:29 pm#44

i hate the clould they think they all that A sucks tsunade should be the leader of the army A i week compared to her


@ 2011-04-01 06:29 pm#43

i hate the clould they think they all that A sucks tsunade should be the leader of the army A i week compared to her


@ 2011-04-01 06:29 pm#42

i hate the clould they think they all that A sucks tsunade should be the leader of the army A i week compared to her

Ruly Akatsuki

@ 2011-04-01 03:05 pm#41

yooo....yoo..yoo.. Uchiha Madara its Awesome using that jutsu.... ex


@ 2011-04-01 08:18 am#40

so good. !!


@ 2011-04-01 07:35 am#39

Wow, i am impressed :D NO creepy confession of love towards the Mizukage in this comment section o.O I am proud of you all! ^^


@ 2011-04-01 06:17 am#38

i know its off subject but dose anybody have a website that has onepeice on it in manga form ?


@ 2011-04-01 03:40 am#37

Damn! Things getting good!


@ 2011-04-01 03:27 am#36

awwwww !!!! no action... to much of a drama queen naruto was in this epi

Evil Taka Sasuke

@ 2011-04-01 03:27 am#35

Sasuke will own Danzo just like he did the five kages


@ 2011-04-01 02:21 am#34 good next episode is going to get good..cant wait.


@ 2011-04-01 01:48 am#33

This episode was crazy,even though they only pretty much talked throughout the whole thing.Madara,Sasuke Vs Danzo next??

naruto fan 1

@ 2011-04-01 01:40 am#32

That was a great episode cant wait till next week. smiley yah


@ 2011-04-01 12:58 am#31

@ali gara's tailed beast was taken and he was killed but then he was later brought back to life. So gaara doesn't have a tailed beast anymore.


@ 2011-04-01 12:24 am#30

Next ep is gonna get epic. We are gettin g close to the manga!


@ 2011-04-01 12:08 am#29



@ 2011-03-31 11:48 pm#28

Pretty tense withMadara


@ 2011-03-31 11:36 pm#27



@ 2011-03-31 11:21 pm#26

it was a good episode but the best is coming


@ 2011-03-31 11:02 pm#25

It was pretty good ... but then i got bored xD


@ 2011-03-31 10:47 pm#24

Ali G MPGH what are you talking bout? gaara doest have the tail beast in him no more... Did you like skip those episodes???


@ 2011-03-31 10:19 pm#23

why there is said that madara has 7 tailed beasts?
I mean.. there are 9 and he has 7?
Wtf..he has 6..
Cuz, gaara is still there..killer bee and naruto.


@ 2011-03-31 09:19 pm#22

wow the 4th ninja war cant wait for that ep smiley


@ 2011-03-31 08:27 pm#21

Now i'm all geeked out to get home and play some more NS2 online!!


@ 2011-03-31 07:48 pm#20

Sekill: haven't you realised that Madara uses his dimensional jutsu to a person that's not moving, Naruto would know what kind of power madara possesses, therefore if Madara uses his dimensional jutsu it wouldn't work on Naruto because he'll just move away from it...

tsubaki no mai

@ 2011-03-31 07:33 pm#19

Good episode... Things are heating up nicely


@ 2011-03-31 07:23 pm#18

i am 1000,000,000,000,000ST zeeeeeeheeheheh zeeeheheheheh ..

nice epi smiley


@ 2011-03-31 06:49 pm#17

good episode. Finally Sakura gets her head out of her butt...but what about Hinata's declaration of love for the risk of sounding creepy and just weird, i think Hinata is hotter than Sakura...with her "Gentle Touch" i'm just grossing myself out.


@ 2011-03-31 05:55 pm#16

nice episode.


@ 2011-03-31 04:09 pm#15

nice episode
second would be cool :D


@ 2011-03-31 03:06 pm#14

part 2 fixed.
Next time, please contact a mod or admin instead of commenting it here...


@ 2011-03-31 03:05 pm#13

part 2 removed


@ 2011-03-31 03:03 pm#12

and btw, Facebook is lame, really lame.


@ 2011-03-31 03:02 pm#11

Why cant Madara just go next to Naruto or any other Jinchuriky and warp him in his dimensional jutsu?


@ 2011-03-31 02:44 pm#10

go to and find it here...


@ 2011-03-31 02:42 pm#9

@sationix how to see part 2


@ 2011-03-31 02:33 pm#8

Thanks for help with the 2nd part!!


@ 2011-03-31 02:19 pm#7



@ 2011-03-31 02:17 pm#6


taha b s

@ 2011-03-31 02:08 pm#5


madaraz eyez

@ 2011-03-31 02:01 pm#4



@ 2011-03-31 01:53 pm#3

I can't see part 2 !


@ 2011-03-31 01:41 pm#2

UniiK NoOna

@ 2011-03-31 01:31 pm#1


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