Naruto Shippuden Episode 343

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@ 2015-09-07 12:36 pm#23

Please teach me Japanese.....

Naruto Fan Girl

@ 2014-08-11 08:58 am#22

Who are Obito's parents ?

minato namika

@ 2014-01-02 02:17 am#21

[spoiler]this is so awesome, a new yellow flash!![spoiler]


@ 2013-12-31 09:46 am#20

His voice was not annoying to me at actually reminded me of vegeta in a way lolz good work Kishi 😝

CeeRock Damigro

@ 2013-12-25 10:06 pm#19

Obito sounds different


@ 2013-12-24 02:26 pm#18

the voice was outright awful given the character it was assgned to.


@ 2013-12-23 05:03 am#17

Lol I knew they were gonna do this with his voice the moment I heard the real Madara's voice in edo tensei. They screwed up but I'm actually happy with the change because the voices match with the characters now, finally!


@ 2013-12-21 12:56 am#16

Maybe his voice is messed up cuz he was CRUSHED BY A FREAKIN ROCK!!


@ 2013-12-20 11:26 am#15

idiots, ofc he's voice will change after he's mask is being ripped off..

Black Lee

@ 2013-12-20 10:06 am#14

Everyone bitching about Obito's voice should go jump off of a building. You've got the nerve to complain when you don't even speak japanese. It's imbecilic. Wait till the crappy dub comes out to complain at least .Christ.


@ 2013-12-20 04:53 am#13

I dont get why everyone is hating on his voice? The adult Obito's voice right? Sounds mad and a little crazy, not high pitched...... I thought it was a good episode. Cant believe Obito was Tobi the whole time! Who'da thunk it?!?!


@ 2013-12-20 03:47 am#12

Damn it, ----- sounds like he has f*cking laryngitis...

(Decided to leave out the name just in case)


@ 2013-12-20 02:26 am#11

too me the manga was waay better ..not an obito fann


@ 2013-12-20 02:14 am#10

Please kishi do something about obito's voice DAMN!!! It just spoilt everything sigh!


@ 2013-12-19 09:27 pm#9

Voice just kills it, I guess they changed it because it was too similar to Madara's but come on it sounds like a character from pokemon -.- they couldn't find any better voices or what?


@ 2013-12-19 08:16 pm#8

wth happend to his voice!??


@ 2013-12-19 04:52 pm#7

Somehow, I keep watching these episodes thinking -"hoping" that it would get better; in terms of story or filler(reduction). I just keep being wrong. The Magic of Naruto is long lost - I just want the end

Hyuuga Neji 18

@ 2013-12-19 04:11 pm#6



@ 2013-12-19 04:00 pm#5

I always wondered how tobi' s voice would have sound on unmasked obito... Now he s completely another character... Bad choice!


@ 2013-12-19 03:25 pm#4

Great episode. Especially when Madara showed up. Lol


@ 2013-12-19 03:11 pm#3

Awesome episode.

I love pancakes

@ 2013-12-19 01:56 pm#2

he sounds like a faggot


@ 2013-12-19 01:52 pm#1

nice one

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