Naruto Shippuden Episode 350

Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Minato's Death

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@ 2014-03-03 06:50 pm#12

Haven't watched the anime in so long, forget about how good the openings can be.

Kyuubi ModeX

@ 2014-02-15 04:21 am#11

Lol itachi


@ 2014-02-14 08:17 pm#10

Actually liking these fillers at the moment


@ 2014-02-14 01:53 pm#9

These are some good fillers though


@ 2014-02-13 07:15 pm#8

Damn I'm excited to see what comes next. I really like these new reveals about young Kakashi. And seeing Yamato as a kid is cool too.


@ 2014-02-13 05:09 pm#7

They need to get back 2 the damn action and stop these bull!@#$ fillers!


@ 2014-02-13 04:08 pm#6

Lol I always wondered how they found out Naruto's name. That part never made sense till now even if it is a filler i feel like there is closure...Ya know?


@ 2014-02-13 03:52 pm#5

Liked this filler.
Cool to see Yamato as a kid and him being in Root.


@ 2014-02-13 01:49 pm#4

@StarScream you already saw that, why would you want to see'it again on this ep ? .. lol

Hyuuga Neji 18

@ 2014-02-13 01:12 pm#3



@ 2014-02-13 12:40 pm#2

OMFG! they skipped the whole PArt of the 4th Fighting the Kyuubi and Obito! OMFG! Tahts the best part!!!! smiley

Naruto Namikaze

@ 2014-02-13 12:14 pm#1


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