Boruto Manga Chapter 8

img Hey everyone! The 8th chapter of the new 'Boruto' manga series has been released! The new Boruto manga chapter which is entitled "You Must Act" has been completely translated into English by the folks at MangaShare and it is now available as online viewing.

Online Viewing: Boruto 8: You Must Act

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@ 2016-12-23 03:35 pm#2

Damn! It's been some months since I last view the manga, but the story is still like the movie?? Can't the new writer skip that part already??! And I really wish they would hire someone who is as good in illustrating the manga just like Kishimoto's art style, because it is so tiring to see that the excellent naruto series is being dragged down by some crappy artist who is drawing the manga just like a child's doodle!!

Honord Sage

@ 2016-12-23 08:27 am#1

Truly Dark Villain.

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