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@ 2011-11-02 09:06 am#119

562 is out @ MANGASTREAM!!!!


@ 2011-11-02 07:36 am#118

Hmmmnnn,if sasuske in his weaknd m.s state can stand up 2 d 5kages(makin 1 loose hs arm n killing 1),madara wld just chew dem like 5 diff. Flavours of bubble gum,thus i predict the death of onoki,raikage(space 4 kila B as kage),tsunade(space 4 naruto),naw we wld get 2 c d true fighting mode of d last legendary senin b4 she join's her comrade's.
I believe sasuske is gona achieve d rinnegan n naruto d full rikkoudu mode adding dis two together wld giv u a taste of so6p power's at his prime,hop dey becom a tagteam.
And what i mean by so6p @ his prime is dat so6p gained his god-like nature afta acquiring d 10 tails,so stop comparing madara 2 so6p bcos b4 dat name madara wld wet hs pants


@ 2011-11-02 07:19 am#117

Spoiler's naaaaaaaw,my eyes are burning,take it away!!!!


@ 2011-11-02 05:09 am#116


Oonoki: again…its nice to live long….enough to see a day when 5 kages gather together…to fight together!!

curse sasuke

@ 2011-11-02 03:22 am#115

good news manga 562 will be out tomorrow in the last page i saw madara vs the 5 kages. Also Kishi will be on break after this chapter so no manga next week.


@ 2011-11-02 12:20 am#114

hey guys who do you think tobi is ?


@ 2011-11-01 09:05 pm#113

Naruto doesn't have to end soon, because its better than those others out there,,as long as he keeps a good story line, if he can meet the challange of doing that I will b around, as will others,,,if he can't keep it up then yes end it but until that mountain comes why even start talking like that,,,lets enjoy this until we can't no more,,Enjoy cartoons like this don't come that often anymore,,peace

devil naruto

@ 2011-11-01 07:54 pm#112

owsume chapter


@ 2011-11-01 05:00 pm#111



@ 2011-11-01 04:59 pm#110

becoming more energetic Naruto after his kyubi made his mind to help


@ 2011-11-01 04:28 pm#109

naruto shud end quickly atleast within next 1-2 yrs,
or else it'll be very much exaggerated and repeatative like few other series


@ 2011-11-01 02:43 pm#108

Do you say 2 to 3yrs,i beliv d manga n anime wld continue mor dan dat,d ist part was wen dey wer kids,naw d 2nd part wen dey ar teenagers,d 3rd wld b wen dey are adults,dnt wnt naruto 2 end mayb till d next 20yrs.


@ 2011-11-01 02:18 pm#107



@ 2011-11-01 01:05 pm#106

@gattaca yes i remeber. but the thing i can't get out of my mind, and makes me think Tobi is Madara's clone, is that when Tobi replaced his arm after the fight with one of Danzo's guardian, remeber? and in Anime looked just like a plant. just like Zetsu... Zetsu is very misterios as well, if Hashirama was the only one to control Wood, means Zetsu is some sort of an experiment just like Yamato. i really do not think Tobi is Madaras Brother, i really do not. but i have a feeling that he may be smiley) can anyone understand? smiley)

Madara now has ultimate power, that what he wanted, didn't he? but he is dead now... so maybe the original plan was to use the Tailed beasts to creat a revival jutsu? what do you think? i really can't see the evil in Madara... i just see the need to be notice as THE great Shinobi of all time... i think that is Madara true ambition and dream...


@ 2011-11-01 12:47 pm#105

@Andrei1987: whatever Tobi is, is sth strange. maybe your theory is true about being a clone. as you said this clone is completely different from others. remember the day Kabuto and Tobi went to the hideout of Tobi where he keeps gedo Mazo, Tobi said that he stole cells from 1st Hokage. who can still such a thing during a fight?? it is really hard and impossible to utter what the hell is going on. but I believe that Kishimoto will surprise all of us with a good and unpredicted end. unlike others TV series that the writer is influenced by people desire, I think Kishimoto knows the end of the story and this is the forte of Naruto manga compared to others. hope this manga ends by 2-3 years later and leave a good feeling about it in our memories.


@ 2011-11-01 11:17 am#104

Doesn't Anyone Notice that Madara Resembles Nagato with the Rinnegan ?


@ 2011-11-01 11:01 am#103

@gattaca i don't really think Tobi Is Madaras Brother. but, i remember when i first saw the cofin and many said it is Madara, and it turned out to be true, even if i did not think it was him... i thot it was the sage of six paths... my teory is that Tobi is a wood clone of Madara, capable of free will... maybe something created by the rinnegan...


@ 2011-11-01 08:40 am#102

Vic. Ok prediction,but d deaths so far are jst 2 absurd epecially dos of d uchiha's(innocent 1's),if dey wanted a joint shinobi dey wld hav done it then knowin dey wer d strongest n also thier clans and i fully acept d part of tobi bein izuna.


@ 2011-11-01 08:22 am#101

I think Madara will not be stopped very soon, He will definitely kill a few Kages. It is too absurd that we see him just in 4-5 manga's chapter. I am sure he and Tobe will meet each other and talk about their prime plan. I don't know why some people always insist in saying Tobi is Obito!!! lets assume that tobi is obito: Obito is related in Kakashi and Minato. in scenes that Kakashi or Minato faces Tobi there is no sign of acquaintance between them! Minato was a great Ninja, he told Naruto that the Mask man knows hatred. do you think that Minato was not able to find who is behind mask if he was Obito??!! consider the age that Obito can have now! animators select the voice of characters based on Kishimoto's advice.(Tobi's first voice and second voice)the voice of Tobi indicates an old man, so Tobi is definitely an aged man not a young man(Obito). it is true that Tobi is not Madara, but He is undoubtedly strong, able to summon and control Gedo mazo! able to use Izanagi! there is another thing that makes me crazy! remember when Tobi was talking to sasuke explaining him the story of Madara and his brother, when he told that Izuna took his eyes willingly he grabbed his arms showing his feeling of telling this sentence. it makes me believe that Tobi is related emotionally to Madara or Izuna! Maybe Tobi is Izuna who knows. in the mean time if Tobi appears to be Obito, I will break down my PC!!!
I know that this hypothesis is nothing except a shit. but this is what I can deduce based on previous chapters! if is there anyone who has acceptable theories just state it! maybe others theories make us think deeper!


@ 2011-11-01 06:05 am#100

grealty energized...went the teals demon wills to help naruto against Madara... chapter please.


@ 2011-10-31 05:54 pm#99

@ Vic30189: your theory sucks. I think Tobi is Madara's brother too!


@ 2011-10-31 06:36 am#98

Maybe Madara will be able to use the same justu Nagato used, when he revived the villagers that he killed smiley maybe Madara will also b seen as a savior


@ 2011-10-31 12:35 am#97

Good Chapter, above average !

harshit arora

@ 2011-10-30 08:36 pm#96

@Vic30189 smiley smiley
but one thing i would like to ask.. (no offence) if this war was really planned by the 1st and the madara, what is the point of taking lives of so many shinobis to unite the ninja world, to attain peace within the nations ??


@ 2011-10-30 08:50 am#95

@Vic30189 that is an interesting teorie... i look forwar for it to come true smiley but because the story is called Naruto. he will be the ultimate ninja. he should be...


@ 2011-10-30 05:03 am#94


This is my theory on what is going on. First I would like to say I was right about Madara getting the wood style to those who doubted. But anyway I think that in the battle between the 1st hokage and Madera they both came to the idea that the world of ninja needed to come together as a whole. So they devised a plan for this to happen which lead to the 1st giving Madera his power kind of like how Itachi gave Saske his power when he touched him when they fought the last time. I think in a way that Madera in a way is mentally like Itachi. He had to be the evil villain to do good as a whole.
I would have thought the 1st was tobi but Orochimaru brought him up when he was dead and now he is sealed away by the 3rd. By my thinking still is that somehow Tobi is Madera’s brother in which he was blind so that is the reason why he had all of those eyes so he can find some that were powerful enough to replace his that I don’t know what truthfully happen to them whether he gave them to Madera or Madera took them. Anyway this war was a plan by the 1st and Madera a longtime ago to ultimately bring the ninja world together as one. But they did not account on Orochimaru which messed up there plans. I think that there was a seal placed on Madera’s body by the 1st to give him his power that is what he was looking at. This Ultimately caused the death of the 1st which is why he was credited to have died during the battle between them. I do think that there was a safeguard just in case Madera didn’t follow through with the plan that he left info somehow when he died on how to defeat Madera just in case he came back. Since he knew of his brother’s Edo Tensei jutsu. So basically this is a fake war created to bring the Shinobi together as one to complete the sage of 6 paths ideals.
I also think that Madera will break free of the edo Tensei like Itachi because he is to powerful to be controlled by Kabuto. Naruto will fight sauske and will finally get through to him. Ultimately they will come together with sakura and form team 7 again to fight Madera and Tobi (if Madera is still there). And they will become Legends passed the legendary sanin.

Thoughts of tiger242002


@ 2011-10-30 03:05 am#93

no avatar is my avatar


@ 2011-10-30 03:04 am#92

madara power is troll
naruto awwww yaaaeeee

93rd lololololol

kakashi should kill sasuke


@ 2011-10-29 03:45 pm#91

ITACHI UCHIWA !! Dont forget that man guys

black lightning

@ 2011-10-29 03:58 am#90

i think sasuke and naruto are going to pwn the living krap of madara and then go in to an epic battle against each other for like the 50th time now lol and like somehow naruto wins and like yeah


@ 2011-10-28 08:52 pm#89

madara is off the charts in strenght,no ninja would match his powers for now but as the story continues naruto would surpass him


@ 2011-10-28 08:51 pm#88

OMG OMG OMG. Naruto is going to be so much more powerful after beating Madara!!! I am glad the fox is finally helping Naruto. I hope they end up being like the 8 tails and whats his face. GREAT CHAPTER!!!

harshit arora

@ 2011-10-28 08:03 pm#87

man... naruto's clones are that much strong that he was able to withstand such huge attack...
n uchiha clan is something else, one man against a joint shinobi force squad that even the hokage is forced to join the battle.. even the kazekage and tsuchikage are no match for him..
keep em coming Kishi.. smiley smiley


@ 2011-10-28 06:54 pm#86

Stop giving your hypothesis about tobi he would be a magical man pepole started giving there thought that kabuto trump card is ...... Ninja but in the end its madara so what i think writer going to fuck next week and and NARUTO HAS A BEST STORY EVER AND ITS WRITER IS AWESOME


@ 2011-10-28 05:55 pm#85

Harashima and madara were equals, think about it if madara was better why didn't he just beat Harashima, to with in a inch of his life then take his dna, the dna was stolen during battle, if madara was that much better he would have taken the dna and killed the first, even if madara faked it a lose why fake a fight to someone you are better than,once u have the dna u don't need the first no more,,hey I think both of them are powerful to the core and both get props from as being equal when they fought, respect due,,


@ 2011-10-28 04:12 pm#84

@xiden007 theirs only one guy close enough to be sg6 and thats madara,maybe nagato and danzo had a better chance than naruto.AS for control 80% until he can transform without losen his mind no.By the way his dad isn't senji it possibly though.He would still need uchiha dna to become sg6.Yamato is being used to make more zetsu clones I think.


@ 2011-10-28 03:33 pm#83

u guys r al about madara,tobi,zetsu nd al dat nd 4gt bout naruto. I thnk at end of d day naruto wl b d nxt s06p. Heres proof. Hes already takn kntrl of d 9 tails(prty clse to d orignal 10tails) any of u notice d markings on hs neck. Dats d mark of six paths just lyk d rikodou senin. Whn he fought 9tails(episode a new seal) d seal he usd was a seal of the s06p evn d kyubi said so. Remembr hes dad is a senju and dat maks hm 1 too and he also hs uzumaki blood 4rm hs mama. So wt d kyubi nd senju dna he has 2 pths. Wud b vry funy if d rinegan bustd out of hm. Lol. Kant wait 4 d nxt chap. Whr d hel is yamato. I hp hes nt d 1 kabuto usd to make edo madara.


@ 2011-10-28 02:51 pm#82

correnction: *"a little bit like Nagato"


@ 2011-10-28 02:50 pm#81

can't wait to see that smiley Question for all of you. Do you think Madara is evil, or is he tring to prove that hes way is a better way? i think he is a little bit la Nagato... What do you think?


@ 2011-10-28 01:52 pm#80

like minato vs tobi it will be


@ 2011-10-28 12:54 pm#79

@moq3 will it be a chapter ilustrating the fight between Madara and Hashirama? with the true and real story? that would be cool...


@ 2011-10-28 12:07 pm#78

im waiting the chapter of the battle betw madara and Harashima to see madara befor he had got this power he is amazing


@ 2011-10-28 10:03 am#77

@Andrei1987,first take a step back I just posted my opion and swearing I didn't.You callin me a four year is childish in itself.If you don't like what I said don't read it,skip it.It's not that serious so don't come out of nowhere trollin me!!


@ 2011-10-28 09:33 am#76

We all like or dislike Madara 15pathsofchaos but we never swer on a comment forum about him. i think you should talk a little more nicely. we do not want to read your 4 year old crap! if you can't or don't know how to talk polite, do not poste. i promise we will not miss you!!!


@ 2011-10-28 09:29 am#75

@IntheEndAllWillDIE.They were not equal madara held back.At first kishi said it was a done deal,but now as each ch. goes by we see that was not the case.You say he'd give up if his back was against the wall well geuss it was since.Madara was a man who lived for his clan much like myself.The uchiha were specialist the senju only had the first and they died out way before the uchiha.Madara was betrayed by his clan the senju everybody it's not to hard to see the choices he made.And the 1st didn't create the village it was 50/50 hell over half the people in the village were conquered by madara.Don't try to give all the credit to the 1st.Madara is the greatest & 1st will never hold a candle in my eyes like madara.Madara the the man who knows the bitter taste of betrayal.


@ 2011-10-28 08:35 am#74

Wow..Madara is badass..was he really defeated by the first Hokage?


@ 2011-10-28 07:53 am#73

@15pathsOfChaos. Harashima senju and Madara at the time were Equals. the only difference in that battle was that Harashima had more Heart and stamina than Madara. Personally i think that Madara is indeed very strong BUT he lacks guts, to me he seems like the kind of man that when his back is against the wall he would give up. Its only an opinion i like Madara but dont go and take Harashimas credit. He will forever be the 1st Hokage the man who created konoha.


@ 2011-10-28 03:08 am#72

Madara pwned their sorry asses.Hope onoki die,and tsunade.How the fuck is this war if nobody important dies.Madara didn't neither did the first I count it as draw he got your dna and he got the ninetails.Plus madara & tobi said madara held back.

Stop bs at at madara for the new powers he's only going to get liver like the sage of six paths.

Ha ninetails a bicth!


@ 2011-10-28 12:56 am#71

Grreat chapter. So it appears that Madara onlymhad Ems when he fought the 1st. He lost and gained some DNA to become the second sage ofmthe six paths and Nagato became the 3rd sage. Tobi said so himself in manga 510. I love how Kishi drops these subtle hints and reveals them later.


@ 2011-10-28 12:47 am#70

Should madara be good at genjutsu? Do sme genjutsu and get out of kabutos control like itachi...


@ 2011-10-27 11:06 pm#69

Chapters awesome don't know how there going to win this one though


@ 2011-10-27 10:10 pm#68

Thanks @kakashii that does make sense. I'm starting to think that Madara did not get the rinnegan from mastering the Ems, but from obtaining The 1st Dna or chakara..


@ 2011-10-27 09:57 pm#67

for those who r asking how is madara using mokuton: he can use every jutsu since he has the ems and rinnegan smiley


@ 2011-10-27 09:17 pm#66

That was a sick chapter the old man is strong as hell and this is his time to pass the torch to someone else. Hes going out with a bang!!!! Looks like the kyubi is finally going to work with naruto.
And last but not least how the hell did Madara get his hands and Harashima's wood style jutsu?


@ 2011-10-27 08:48 pm#65

Great chapter an I think that madara will end up making Kabuto look like a fool in the end cause as I c it this guy can't b control by him and he only seems to care about his on clan to which Kabuto surely is not,to which he is already planting bad thought in madara head about the other guy but i don't think that it will matter also this chapter proves that hashirama, was just as powerful as madara when they fought madara just lost but he was able to take something during the fight,,But I wonder what will b the next twist in this war,,It seems the old man will die but will go out with the best fight of his life, maybe Lady Tsunada will save him,,

reza ashkan

@ 2011-10-27 08:44 pm#64

its so cool guys its really amazing


@ 2011-10-27 08:28 pm#63

I just can say WOW!!!!


@ 2011-10-27 07:47 pm#62

hi guys,the chapter was awesome but it seems kishi did a mistake,when madara tried to summon kubbi it must affect the real naruto instead of the clone,,and besides how a clone get kyubbi power when all the chakra is used up..............kyubbi cant transfer power to other clone since shadow clone is ajutsu


@ 2011-10-27 07:07 pm#61

Nice chapter madara just keeps on getting better and the last page pic was epic


@ 2011-10-27 06:55 pm#60

This MADARA is a hell of a guy!!!!
he's just awesome!!!!:D


@ 2011-10-27 06:37 pm#59

LOL. I agree with you about Tsunade :D


@ 2011-10-27 06:11 pm#58

Tobi may be a clone created by madara before his death, with the power of hashirama. if you remember when tobi lost his arm, and repleace it, it looked like a plant. i think Tobi got independent and did not follow the original plan. he may want to become real.

and Kabuto is up to something. he is using madara and this war for his goal... and i must repet my self, but Orochimaru may not be dead smiley


@ 2011-10-27 06:01 pm#57

Damm, All the Manga chapters are good.
Madara's power is incredible. he may have some Senju in him.
Now we know the man behind the plan is Madara and it looks Tobi supposed to be working for him.


@ 2011-10-27 05:23 pm#56

madara is powerful as hell, the 9 tails piss on his self when he felt madara chara, here naruto take my power now, sorry for talking smack, lol ,naruto is going to smack madara with the tail beast bomb real soon, we can all see it coming, sasuke is a good guy, do not be fool, he's just like his brother at the end we will all see he's on the leaf side and this is best way for him to help them,kabuto will be the last villan alive, and i really think he'sgoing to beat sasuke before this war is over and take over him like oro did,but when kaubto try and fight naruto sasuke wll be free becasue kabuto will use up alot of chara and then sasuke will be back, aleast i think


@ 2011-10-27 04:59 pm#55

awesome episode kyuubi finally chose naruto lol plus now back to tobi hes fake but i really believe that he could be madaras brother or a perfect clone lol need help with that


@ 2011-10-27 04:31 pm#54

Weak* sorry for the error in typing :D


@ 2011-10-27 04:30 pm#53

Tsunade is a very powerfull shinobi. the fact that she was defeted by Pains power, was because she put the village first and concentrated her powers to save everyone she could. but she is not week. and she is over the blod problem. she may be more powerful than the Raikage, if not her lack of speed smiley that is my opinion anyway... you do not have to like it, just tell me (us) yours :D


@ 2011-10-27 04:14 pm#52

hello every1


@ 2011-10-27 04:12 pm#51

wow .. yes yes right You may have thought so great. I just did not think to get there. LOL

but I think you're right. maybe Tsunade will get into war and give a hint to All shinobi how to defeat Madara. yeah Hope so!


@ 2011-10-27 04:00 pm#50

maybe Tsunade knows something from the first hokage, her grandfather, that can stop Madara smiley


@ 2011-10-27 03:58 pm#49

oh no..! what it will do to Tsunade? did she went to war? OMG...


@ 2011-10-27 03:23 pm#48

OMG this chap was so.....AMAZING


@ 2011-10-27 03:16 pm#47

I hope they will tell us who the hell is the guy under the mask i think it could be: ( My opinon )

Obito uchiha
Izuna uchiha
Shisui uchiha
Future Sasukue ( If Naruto seals the evliness of Sasukue in the future) ( not saying its ture ) or
some Uknown guy


@ 2011-10-27 02:41 pm#46

great chap again....


@ 2011-10-27 02:16 pm#45

mby when madara look under his shirt to see the seal of the kyuubi this chapter is greeeeet


@ 2011-10-27 02:09 pm#44

Also, Nagato was givin' the Rinnegan from Madara.. the gap between them in power are incomparable.. Madara is much more like the SO6P in terms of power.


@ 2011-10-27 02:04 pm#43



@ 2011-10-27 02:04 pm#42


No, only Madara and the SO6P had these techniques cause Madara had the first Hokage DNA and techniques, while Nagato doesn't..


@ 2011-10-27 02:00 pm#41

i guess the stone monument uchiha..the final one say you have to control 9 tails or was tail beast 2 abtain rinnegan


@ 2011-10-27 01:59 pm#40

Thank you Bow. by the way, will the nine tails have a special justu that he can teach naruto to make him more powerfull?


@ 2011-10-27 01:54 pm#39
For sasuke pic


@ 2011-10-27 01:50 pm#38

madara was tryin to summon the 9 nine tails...that what he got after he died from the 1st.. and got the rinnegan activated...and that was some of the power of the 9 tails.
.naruto has all of it..what will his eyes turn in to when naruto out the gates and the 9 tails gives him all his power!!?


@ 2011-10-27 01:48 pm#37

a great chapter..


@ 2011-10-27 01:42 pm#36

Andrei1987:u can have this pic fr0m(mangabit.c0m)


@ 2011-10-27 01:37 pm#35

Bow can you send me the photo please? i promise i will not use it smiley


@ 2011-10-27 01:30 pm#34

hmm i wonder what madara looked under his shirt :/ ?? and dang Sasuke looks pretty darn Cool with his new outfit (y)


@ 2011-10-27 01:29 pm#33

masked man is a damn fake.. cant wait for the next chapter. i hope to see sasuke.. lol


@ 2011-10-27 01:28 pm#32

how could someone be 1st?>


@ 2011-10-27 01:26 pm#31

its too great but too short make a longer one next time

Nakamazi Itchigo

@ 2011-10-27 01:13 pm#30

awesome chapter!! too short though..why was it so late and it was that short?? when are they going to show sasuke?..and was that my imagination or was the nine-tails cheering naruto on like good buddy of his lol


@ 2011-10-27 01:12 pm#29

I hope Itachi has a plan to bring Sasuke back. but, i do not know why, but i never thot Sasuke is bad. I think it was just an act to get ultimate power, and destroy Tobi himself, like he did to Orochimaru.

K a k a s h i

@ 2011-10-27 01:12 pm#28

awesome chapter!
now i'm more sure sasuke will come to help naruto smiley


@ 2011-10-27 01:10 pm#27



@ 2011-10-27 01:08 pm#26

I wonder what did madara meant about our plan?There's 3 things we learn bout this week chapter..
1.Madara is 1 bad ass dude with ultimate power at his disposal and he has no remorse for his fellow ninjas,he will wipe out all of them at once..
2.The kyuubi rather chose naruto over madara.
3.Tobi is a fake.
Oh yeah,btw this week chap 4/ week chap some one will die.


@ 2011-10-27 12:52 pm#25

the best chapter but its to short, yeah the 9tail chose naruto


@ 2011-10-27 12:52 pm#24

hell yes i get its finally here


@ 2011-10-27 12:47 pm#23

im glad i woke up to get a drink of water and decided to take a quick look :3


@ 2011-10-27 12:46 pm#22

so rinnegan gives u all jutsu nice... nagato was truly on another league


@ 2011-10-27 12:42 pm#21


uzumaki pain

@ 2011-10-27 12:42 pm#20

this chapter seems short ,annoying

uzumaki pain

@ 2011-10-27 12:41 pm#19

kyuubi helping naruto great!!!!!!!!!!

G boy

@ 2011-10-27 12:39 pm#18

where's Itachi & Sasuke ?
If Sasuke and Itachi returned to Konoha ..
they will win ..

Sasuke have Eternal Sharingans


@ 2011-10-27 12:33 pm#17

it felt short because we waited too long for it smiley


@ 2011-10-27 12:33 pm#16

what do you think about Madara's power?


@ 2011-10-27 12:32 pm#15

I didn't like this chapter, It felt short.. smiley


@ 2011-10-27 12:31 pm#14

Wow the #TH's all messed up, you guys suck.. LOL!


@ 2011-10-27 12:24 pm#13



@ 2011-10-27 12:23 pm#12


G boy

@ 2011-10-27 12:23 pm#11



@ 2011-10-27 12:21 pm#10

the best chapter and The 9tails fox is choosing Naruto


@ 2011-10-27 12:19 pm#9

8th the best


@ 2011-10-27 12:18 pm#8

7th my bad


@ 2011-10-27 12:18 pm#7



@ 2011-10-27 12:18 pm#6

Nice chapter

C Namikaze14

@ 2011-10-27 12:17 pm#5




@ 2011-10-27 12:17 pm#4

wow wonder what did Kabuto do to Madara's body, since he looked inside his robe smiley


@ 2011-10-27 12:14 pm#3

1st awosme chptr.....smiley

Rikudo SenninKun Namikaze

@ 2011-10-27 12:14 pm#2


Rikudo SenninKun Namikaze

@ 2011-10-27 12:14 pm#1


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