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@ 2013-03-19 10:25 pm#51

I believe the 1st can control his cells it wldnt make sense if he cldnt. And i do believe the 2nd will break the edo too since he is the creator of the edo. But it is crazy how powerful the 1st is to think he stoped madara and the 9 tails at full strength and the 1st was just using his natural power wowzers!


@ 2013-03-15 08:45 am#50

50 TH..TEAH:>)


@ 2013-03-15 04:38 am#49

"It's not our abilities that makes us who we are, it is our choices"


@ 2013-03-14 09:35 pm#48

i think kishi is trying to tell us that nobody is truly evil, its what happens to you that changes your attitude about things. I think thats the reason for the flash-no-jutsu :/


@ 2013-03-14 03:33 pm#47

no manga this week? smiley

shishomaru 21

@ 2013-03-13 05:33 pm#46

i think when then hashi stopped the tobirama from attacking orochi and sasuke is when he broke the edo, but he also said that he'd free sasuke by answering his question B4 he'd free his brother, so he's just letting orochi think he's in control for now,

but how tight would it be if hashi could control his cells, think about it he could stop Zestu and now orochi since he has his cells with justa thought..


@ 2013-03-12 01:18 am#45

def an interesting look back at the way these characters were growing up but im ready for them to move into some action. lol Still great read


@ 2013-03-11 02:14 am#44

And I too think they should do that alternate manga to naruto. Like full metal alchemist and full metal alchemist: brotherhood. I think naruto: the will of fire would be a good name


@ 2013-03-11 02:12 am#43

@Kwdberry yeah I wasn't sure if he had freed himself from the edo tensei altogether or if he had just gotten his free will back. Kinda like what Kabuto did to deidara? Yeah I thought hashirama had gotten his free will back but thanks for clarifying that up. Guess I read that one too quick >.


@ 2013-03-10 06:41 am#42

just a thought? It would be cool to have another manga called the history of the leaf. Which would tell the stories of the 4 hokages then stop where naruto begins. #just saying that way we can wrap up naruto then have another manga to start reading.


@ 2013-03-10 06:28 am#41

@lava the 1st is already free from edo. check chapter 620 page 11. And i believe the 1st may just let this generation handle the situation rather than join in.


@ 2013-03-10 01:46 am#40

bad spelling my bad,,itachi


@ 2013-03-10 01:45 am#39

k crazy question of the day Is Captain Yamato dead,I know he got caught and was being used but I thought when iachi won that fight, Yamato would be seen again,,so is he dead


@ 2013-03-09 02:09 pm#38

oops getting interesting but i want to see action.


@ 2013-03-09 05:17 am#37

I think there's a reason for why we are seeing this flashback. Just how Madara was able to break away from the edo tensei hashirama will surely be able to do so too right? Well I think in this flashback we will see that their "last fight" was left with some unfinished business. And that hashirama will help turn sasukes mind around, and they will go to the battlefield together. Then everyone can have that amazing action packed fight they expect to happen. Just an opinion since I've been reading this manga since before shippuden and if I've learned anything it's that kishi builds up his stories until the big fight. Any true fan would know this


@ 2013-03-09 05:03 am#36

I love flashback chapters!

hyuuga teddy

@ 2013-03-09 01:39 am#35

tight. real tight

hyuuga teddy

@ 2013-03-09 01:38 am#34

very tight


@ 2013-03-08 06:17 pm#33

In the end, no one is truly evil.


@ 2013-03-08 01:49 pm#32

loved it. madara is really cute!


@ 2013-03-08 09:43 am#31

Pretty tight


@ 2013-03-08 04:34 am#30

Seems legit


@ 2013-03-08 03:14 am#29

For all those who thought that Madara was evil to begin with was wrong. Looking back on this whole Naruto thing....its like history repeating itself with Naruto and Sasuke. Senju vs Uchiha. The 1st vs Madara. Madara meant well but from all the fighting and the death of his family he turned. SO sad, he will go down as one of the greatest shinobi's ever, even if he was on the bad side.

sage moh

@ 2013-03-07 12:41 pm#28

[spoiler]awesome but goback to naruto and sasuki/spoiler]

sage moh

@ 2013-03-07 12:39 pm#27

please tell us how s madara turned evil and finish thus flashback and go to the real life to naruto and sasuki

sage moh

@ 2013-03-07 12:35 pm#26

please just tell us how madara tutned evil and go back to the real life to naruto and sasuki


@ 2013-03-07 11:24 am#25

I think tajima and butsuma will kill each other which lets uchiha kids to awaken their MS and rivalry against senju clan


@ 2013-03-07 08:04 am#24

Everyone needs to be patient -_-, this was solid chapter, It's about how the whole ninja world began! Basically the Origin of Naruto... I enjoy these flashbacks and there is a point for all of this.. Naruto ain't going nowhere


@ 2013-03-07 04:52 am#23

Haha, that was cool


@ 2013-03-07 03:20 am#22

it was a good chapter and i have no problem with the flashbacks, but after about 4 weeks now, im starting to get a tad tired of all this and i kinda wanna see what naruto is doing


@ 2013-03-06 09:40 pm#21

break next week that sucks!!!


@ 2013-03-06 09:14 pm#20

Hashirama and Madara will end up fighting their own fathers to stop them from killing each other.
They will show there fathers how truly strong they are and stop them!
Cause their tired of all this killing and make a truce.Thats what i think will happen NEXT?!


@ 2013-03-06 08:04 pm#19

can't wait for next week now smiley i think madara turned evil cause the senju killed his father?? i dont know just a guess smiley


@ 2013-03-06 07:36 pm#18

Now I really don't get why madara turned evil


@ 2013-03-06 04:06 pm#17

Awesome chapter


@ 2013-03-06 01:03 pm#16

wow! nice chapter.... way to go kishi

Ultimate Beast

@ 2013-03-06 12:57 pm#15

Tobirama looked epic whennhe was about to fight izuna


@ 2013-03-06 10:44 am#14

better than last week's chapter


@ 2013-03-06 10:42 am#13

Awesome chap, for to reasons:

1. nice Kishi is going with a non all action story lesson; feels good.

2. some of you kids feeling trolled because it's not all about blood... feels even better.

master pokekang

@ 2013-03-06 10:26 am#12

no manga next week.??


@ 2013-03-06 09:32 am#11

ummm.....we are still reading a manga called naruto right??just long is this history lesson gonna be??


@ 2013-03-06 08:57 am#10



@ 2013-03-06 08:55 am#9

cool chapter but man no fair I want more but I guess I can be patient


@ 2013-03-06 08:53 am#8

Good Chapter. Disappointed to wait for 2 weeks now to read the next chapter.


@ 2013-03-06 08:35 am#7

shitttt..break next week


@ 2013-03-06 08:28 am#6



@ 2013-03-06 08:27 am#5



@ 2013-03-06 08:24 am#4

nice sweet


@ 2013-03-06 08:24 am#3


Nakamazi Itchigo

@ 2013-03-06 08:24 am#2

It was awesome but why the break!!?

Trippy Sage of all Dank

@ 2013-03-06 08:23 am#1

awesome chapter. pissed off that theres a break next week but excited for next chapter never the less!!

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