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@ 2014-03-11 03:12 pm#55

He just called Sasuke his fellow traitor. Obito is the real traitor.

Sharingan user

@ 2013-07-08 09:26 pm#54

Kind of unexpected but no shocking moments.
Good chapter though.


@ 2013-07-08 08:50 pm#53

Man so wtf is going to happen now??? I mean whats left for Madara? his whole plan was just demolished by obito.. now what will obito do with this new power?? ugh i NEED a DOUBLE CHAPTER WEDNESDAY!!!


@ 2013-07-06 07:52 pm#52

this chapter is more than good can't wait for next one


@ 2013-07-06 12:50 pm#51

i read the manga like 3 times before i understood what really happened...

Madara failed on making obito use the rinne tensei...

the guy in the end is obito as the juubis jinchuuriki...


@ 2013-07-06 01:02 am#50

sasuke and obito make a great tag team, sasuke does all of the fighting until he gets tried,i mean sasuke does deserve scene time after all he was the man who killed itachi one on one the guy who wiped out the uchiha clan with obito


@ 2013-07-06 01:00 am#49

obito will kill Madara then its going to be a very huge team battle between naruto and killer Bee vs Sasuke and Obito maybe kakashi will use his white fang jutsu and kill sasuke and obito at the same time or one at least hopefully the 6th hokage should be kakashi if not then it should be sasuke because sasuke is so much stronger then naruto i mean naruto had a tough time fighting just Killer Bee brother but sasuke however fought all 5 kages at the summit and he only got help when he was running low on charka correct me if i wrong


@ 2013-07-06 12:56 am#48



@ 2013-07-06 12:53 am#47

sasuke is the fellow traitor


@ 2013-07-05 04:30 pm#46

who is the fellow traitor????


@ 2013-07-05 01:57 pm#45

Kishimoto has forgotten about Yamato!

lawlah 20

@ 2013-07-05 10:21 am#44

Pls am lost what jst happened.can anybody explain wat just happened?


@ 2013-07-04 11:18 pm#43

The traitor should be kakashi.. Obito always considered him the responsible for rin death. Everything turn around this event in his mind and plans. And beyond any expectation now we have a real damned badass whos got everything to be afraid of.
Very good, kishi, i must admit it... since madara came all the lights were on him.. Obito seemed to be f****d up , not even dangerous anymore, brought down at the low level of kakashi, that is a good ninja but far to eventually becoming strong as an original mangeyko sharingan plus rinnegan owner... Plot twist very well organized...
If the other stupid guys of the anime would follow manga stroyline i could even imagine myself saying "cant wait to see this on anime"... But it s probably going to be in 2023... Too much time to wait... Fortunately we can read the best manga ever! !,!!


@ 2013-07-04 08:04 pm#42

What is happening!!!

James Wolfsbane

@ 2013-07-04 06:53 pm#41

What the actual fuck.


@ 2013-07-04 04:36 pm#40



@ 2013-07-04 12:18 am#39

I knew it smileyD I told my ant obito want to be the juubi's jinchuriki LoL


@ 2013-07-03 11:54 pm#38

naruto should learn from his father the 4th hokage


@ 2013-07-03 11:54 pm#37

4th hokage is the best after sasuke of course


@ 2013-07-03 11:50 pm#36

I dont get what happened. Who was that in the end? Did Obito die? not? What happened to Black Zetsu?


@ 2013-07-03 11:28 pm#35

damn.. a plot twist followed by a plot twist..


@ 2013-07-03 09:23 pm#34

Sharingan, rinnegan and a jinchuriki GTFO!!!! OP much!?!?!?


@ 2013-07-03 07:43 pm#33

wow didnt see that coming

Stern Ritter

@ 2013-07-03 06:39 pm#32

Great chapter


@ 2013-07-03 05:51 pm#31



@ 2013-07-03 05:43 pm#30

Obito called sasuke fellow of the traitor!!?

God of the ninja world

@ 2013-07-03 05:27 pm#29

Wow, epic chapter. 10/10. Very good chapter. But, how about Kakashi? I he dead? Or stuking inside Obito underworld? And, there is something else, I think that Obito intrusted is whole life to Rin. When she died, he became evil. This is the real reason. Because, he as some flashback of his past.

shishomaru 21

@ 2013-07-03 05:26 pm#28

ok so was that obito or madara at the end? obitio look like he died an you need a live body to host the ten tails so was i right an madara used black zestu to make the the body to be the jinchuuriki he obsorb enuff of obito's charka thru the years to be a duplicate an obito looked like he turned into black&white zetsu right b4 he died.... now i cant wait till next week


@ 2013-07-03 05:18 pm#27

Cant wait to read this..
First i'll have my dinner. :-D


@ 2013-07-03 05:14 pm#26

I think there is a little bit of shit in my underwear right now...


@ 2013-07-03 02:47 pm#25

This is just twisted!! But wait, someone predicted this happening..


@ 2013-07-03 02:21 pm#24

wait... WHAT?!


@ 2013-07-03 12:57 pm#23

Thats how the next hundred chapters go (i think)

Obito will have bail out to learn how to control the 10tails and after a few years he will return...while he is away naruto and the rest alive shinobi will learn new jutsu's from their kages and naruto will fight sasuke to bring some sense into him and orochimaro, well he is a snake cant predict much.


@ 2013-07-03 12:29 pm#22

AWEsome I want more now I have to wait again nooooooo smiley


@ 2013-07-03 11:08 am#21

Fuck all you Obito haters!

Sabuto Hayashi

@ 2013-07-03 10:42 am#20

One of the best chapters in a long time, wasn't expecting the plot twist at all.


@ 2013-07-03 10:41 am#19



@ 2013-07-03 10:12 am#18

I'm really getting tired of this shit now. Kishimoto is just stretching the story...

Naruto rikuduo mode

@ 2013-07-03 10:10 am#17

What the fuck is going on? Cant believe obito can became final boss


@ 2013-07-03 10:09 am#16

Wow.. S*** just hit the fan lol! It's bout to get real up in here now! But isn't it funny how naruto was the only one that notice what was really going on.. Oh how he has grown!


@ 2013-07-03 10:08 am#15



@ 2013-07-03 10:00 am#14

Kishi. STAHP!


@ 2013-07-03 09:56 am#13

what... the... fuck?!


@ 2013-07-03 09:56 am#12

no plz if juubi's jinchuuriki will be obito, then plz change the title to Obito Shippuuden, and plz Kishi sensei, kill me D: muahaha.....


@ 2013-07-03 09:54 am#11

is obito going to be the juubi's jinchuuriki? D:


@ 2013-07-03 09:48 am#10

well ..ya ok good chapter obito trolled hard.


@ 2013-07-03 09:44 am#9

what ever
lets read the chapter


@ 2013-07-03 09:37 am#8



@ 2013-07-03 09:36 am#7

What happened??? Obito is the jinchuuriki? And Madara is revived?


@ 2013-07-03 09:36 am#6


kushal aujayeb

@ 2013-07-03 09:34 am#5



@ 2013-07-03 09:33 am#4



@ 2013-07-03 09:28 am#3


I am Me

@ 2013-07-03 09:27 am#2

its all about obito or is it?


@ 2013-07-03 09:27 am#1


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