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@ 2013-12-11 06:52 am#26

chap 658 is out...

check it out!! smiley


@ 2013-12-08 12:12 pm#25

Naruto and Sasuke are about to eat the fruit from the god tree and kick Madara to the hell express:-p


@ 2013-12-05 08:35 pm#24

Madara can absorb chakra because he's been infused with Hashirama cells, giving him Wood Release kekkei genkai powers which can absorb chakra.. Like hashiramas wood dragon and the god tree.. Madara can absorb chakra now and has sage mode via Hashiramas implanted face which acts like the medium to give madara hashiramas powers!! He really does have the power to bind and capture all tail beast..


@ 2013-12-05 10:20 am#23

Madara is a true Rockstar.


@ 2013-12-05 07:48 am#22

when did hasyrama get stabed whit thouse ? and how can madara absorb chakra like that not having the rinegane


@ 2013-12-05 01:32 am#21

I just can't stop laughing at some hoi polloi, who are able to analyze the whole story as it has been released by now.

splashing nonsensical question is nothing but an indicator of...


@ 2013-12-04 11:30 pm#20

I think that in next chapter, Black Zetzu might fight Sasuke, trying to steal his eyes for Madara, but Sasuke, got something up in his sleeve, always.

Golden Sage Jinchuuriki

@ 2013-12-04 06:42 pm#19

timed to read


@ 2013-12-04 05:38 pm#18

I see how Madara was able to fight while having no eyes to see... Hashi had been stabbed with chakra receptors therefore Madara was able to pin point his exact location.. After sucking out hashiramas Senju chakra, Madara gained the ability to sense danger and was able to semi dodge sauskes sword last minute!!! Dam you Madara!!


@ 2013-12-04 05:13 pm#17

whoever said madara cant beat the the alliance is crazy...he's stronger than everyone. It's literally gonna take a SO6P Naruto to beat him. Look what he just did with his eyes closed. LOOK AT HARISHIMA'S FACE! The only person who can contend with him is scared! #UchihaClan all day! #BangBang


@ 2013-12-04 05:05 pm#16

@Gongerd did u see what madara did when he yolked up the first hokage? he absorbed his senju healing ability that's why the face on his chest had the markings. as soon as he removed the sword and did that jutsu to blow everyone away he healed.


@ 2013-12-04 04:03 pm#15

Stupid episode.. Madara senseless when stab by sasuke at his arms!!! His not edo tensei anymore!!!

Lionman Clan

@ 2013-12-04 02:56 pm#14

Yeah, seven tail was missing,probably waiting to ambush somewhere with bee. Man what the hell is going to happen with obito,and when and how did MADARA learn how to make his will an animate object that does his bidding separately?!?


@ 2013-12-04 02:00 pm#13

Good episode.Did anyone notice that the seven tails wasn't there beside the other tailed beast?


@ 2013-12-04 12:28 pm#12

good episode and before madara gets the beasts the beasts will give naruto their powers and make him as the sage of six paths


@ 2013-12-04 12:06 pm#11



@ 2013-12-04 11:58 am#10

Awesome!!.. It seem naruto will be become SO6P soon...madara is such a badass & epic villain... Good timing,good planning & perfect villain... Let see & wait,how is it going.... Ha! Ha! Haaa! . . .


@ 2013-12-04 10:47 am#9

Now we will able to see some action in Uchiha Style.
AGAIN smiley


@ 2013-12-04 10:12 am#8

finally the end of talking and a badass chapter


@ 2013-12-04 09:37 am#7

awesomeness, cant wait to see madara's rage


@ 2013-12-04 09:28 am#6

can't wait for
next week


@ 2013-12-04 08:30 am#5

twas gud but not satisfactory enough I give it 3/5


@ 2013-12-04 08:26 am#4

Good chapter but too short

Death Eater

@ 2013-12-04 08:00 am#3

Hmm.....not bad


@ 2013-12-04 08:00 am#2



@ 2013-12-04 07:55 am#1

blind madara soloed

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