Naruto Manga Chapter 688

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@ 2014-08-14 11:42 am#54

That's so cool but do some of you think Kakashi can deactivate them whenever he wants now.


@ 2014-08-14 10:14 am#53

Kakashi get the full set of eyes .. nice going Obito


@ 2014-08-14 04:54 am#52



@ 2014-08-13 09:13 pm#51

No manga 689 today? Whats going on?


@ 2014-08-13 01:45 am#50

It's clear to me these boys need help they don't have the where is hamura ootsutsuki.kaguya son


@ 2014-08-11 05:29 pm#49

and I think it is time for kakashi show his true face


@ 2014-08-10 06:42 am#48

I don't care where the manga goes, the fact it has been around for so long, makes me cherish every chapter.


@ 2014-08-09 05:59 pm#47

Kakashi is famous for copying moves with both Sharingan's why wont he be able to cop Perfect Susano'o naruto said these at the end of the chapter


@ 2014-08-09 04:48 am#46

Uchihajin Sasuke

@ 2014-08-08 11:40 pm#45

Kakashi of the asspull, that's should be his title!


@ 2014-08-08 06:23 pm#44

Well my bet dis week manga was gud/suprizing 2,see kakashi av d sharingan which was,some how given 2 him by obito/I now know d reason why madara wanted or needed when,he was crushed in a rock.I guess in d next manga we will see real Action.


@ 2014-08-07 10:06 pm#43

now it getting even worse when Kakashi have sharingan and 2 also, plus he cant turn them off so his chacra will be drained


@ 2014-08-07 07:10 pm#42

Holy crap that chapter was intense!!!! The best chapter ive ever read!!!! Super amazing!!! I have to catch my breath!!! I cried!! Lost for words now cannot complain goin back to read it!!!

Uchiha oakley

@ 2014-08-07 03:43 pm#41

Thanks for the upload, but I can't download it, there's an error (redirecting to naruto homepage), please fix it , dear Admin..


@ 2014-08-07 10:34 am#40

when can we download the manga?because its still impossible to download it smiley


@ 2014-08-07 09:33 am#39

thanks admin


@ 2014-08-07 09:18 am#38

admin...please fix this .....we cant download the ,it always took me to the nb homepage and lg me out...please fix it...


@ 2014-08-07 05:32 am#37

Atleast kakashi can help sasuke make uchiha/ sharingan babies to restore the clan, hehe.. just saying! smiley


@ 2014-08-07 05:00 am#36

this is awesome!!!


@ 2014-08-07 12:18 am#35

Downloading redirect NB home page. Please fix this!


@ 2014-08-06 11:17 pm#34

why are ya'll bitching for like you didn't see Kakashi getting both Sharingan's coming. It makes sense that Obito was able to do what he did because he has always been half dead which left half of his chakara in limbo, but he was always linked with Kakashi because of his eye. As far as Kakashi being weak the last few manga's keep in mind that Naruto did rejuvenate him and gave him his original eye back, also he is the "copy-cat ninja" and all sharingan's have the ability to mimic technique's like Sasuke did when he learned Chidori. Naruto has all the tailed beasts inside him so his techs are endless because of all the diverse chakara dwelling within him. Itachi had Shisui's eye, Danzo had multiple sharingan's, Minato had the other half of Kurama etc etc....I mean it's pretty cool to me #ImJustSaying. Kakashi was destined for greatness from the beginning so it's only right that he should become the next Hokage in order to go into the next Naruto series. Keep in mind the OAV episode showing the next breed of shinobi. The war is a bit of a stretch but overall still #Epic not to mention we are still waiting for Ten Ten to do something with the ninja tools she found. This issue is a 10 out of 10 hands down! No time got wasted w/ an unexpected twist.


@ 2014-08-06 10:38 pm#33

All U̶̲̅ haters....get d fuck outta here...d story is intrestin its nt d first tym some one is using anoda persons charkra in naruto so wat d f**k is Y̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊r prob.......wit it if U̶̲̅ dnt lyk it get a pen n ryt a manga let's see if U̶̲̅'d complete a chapter....688 dats a lot to ryt

Nyc kishi Y̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊r awesome ma man
Tnks......I enjoyed every bit of it....


@ 2014-08-06 10:28 pm#32



@ 2014-08-06 10:27 pm#31

kinna unnecesary turn of events in my opinión, and whycant i Download it Q.Q ?


@ 2014-08-06 08:20 pm#30

Can't download... Its redirect me to the home page and also logged me out.. Please fix this issue... thank u smiley


@ 2014-08-06 08:13 pm#29

OOOOh shit just got real, I'm fucking so happy right now that Kakashi got the sharigan back but this time BOTH EYES... mutherfuckahs are gonna get wrecked woohooo


@ 2014-08-06 06:31 pm#28

I'm so happy for kakashi sensei


@ 2014-08-06 05:53 pm#27

can't download... why??


@ 2014-08-06 05:36 pm#26

My ass is soo torn from this ASS PULL hahah!


@ 2014-08-06 04:52 pm#25

Man all you haters out there just remember that naruto is a show. You choose to watch it or not. If you dislike it so much then go away. All that negativity never got anyone anywhere so you're not needed here. The "logic" behind kakashi getting the perfect sasuno'o is the fact that it's temporary. It's a necessary panel for what's going to happen next. Any real naruto fan would know that kishi does certain things for a reason. This manga wouldn't have last this long without him.


@ 2014-08-06 03:50 pm#24

Keep in mind people that the entire reason that Kakashi is able to use perfect susaano is because his chakra is not just his own any more. Remember naruto can go leaps and bounds because he has two sources of chakra, not just one. So the fact Kakashi could use it makes sense. Besides, obito told Kakashi that it wasn't going to last, meaning he only will have the sharingan as long as obit co-inhabits kakashi's body, which in retrospect will only be for this battle. Over all however, it adds an interesting twist to this fight and a long awaited event where kakashi has both sharingan. Good chapter.


@ 2014-08-06 03:38 pm#23

Ruis is the First time i got disappointed by kishi poker his much. First as a Sasuke fan Sasuke should do more Naruto gets enough panel and the last 3 chapters better than Sasuke against kaguya. (not saying he is stronger) Kakashi who couldn't even stand 3 chapters ago is using with ms perfect susanoo. Just WTF he is a disgrace for the Uchiha using the Sharingan. I know obito said that it was temporarily but still. I want Sasuke to kill kakashi and go rogue again just cuz of this ms kakashi.

Uchihajin Sasuke

@ 2014-08-06 02:31 pm#22

the manga is getting shittier and shittier as anyone can see. Kishi has thrown all logic that he put since the beginning of Naruto out of the window.

The same Kakashi, who passed out for using a 3-tomoe sharingan can use perfect Susanoo, that even without EMS?

Great work Kishi, you are indeed pulling things out of your *you know what*!


@ 2014-08-06 02:05 pm#21

Downloading redirect NB home page. Please fix this!


@ 2014-08-06 01:58 pm#20

I do like the idea of kakashi getting his sharigan back, but im sensing a lack of people actually not dying in this anime right now. One thing that makes shows/anime successful in general, is when at the right time they let go of certain characters.

Obito should have died a long time ago. I love this anime, but they really are dragging this to much right now. Please end it.


@ 2014-08-06 01:34 pm#19

Cannot download it plz fix the download link


@ 2014-08-06 01:32 pm#18

Yeah I can't download The Manga !!!


@ 2014-08-06 01:19 pm#17

Can't download ; (


@ 2014-08-06 01:14 pm#16

unable to download, the link is redirecting me to the home page(and also logging me out). please rectify it soon! smiley


@ 2014-08-06 01:11 pm#15

have anybody problem with manga download?

Bijuu Sennin Uzumaki

@ 2014-08-06 12:52 pm#14

I don't see how there's anything wrong with Kakashi having both sharingan and a perfect Susanoo. Nothing at all. Most of us wanted him to get both eyes. Now he's got them. Not via transplant, sure, but what's the problem?

Obito transferred his chakra / spirit into Kakashi – we've seen this happen before (e.g. with the Sage and Naruto and Saskue) – and it activated the sharingan. I'm sure there's some explanation regarding the 'science' behind it, perhaps relating to the second hokage's explanation of how the sharingan are activated in the brain and eyes, but I don't care enough to nit pick. It fits into the story for me. And it's exciting!

Besides, Obito says that it may not last (in his conversation with Rin) so I fully expect the sharingan to run out at some point.

I can't wait to see what carnage is about to be released next chapter!!!


@ 2014-08-06 12:14 pm#13

cannot download the file..please help me to fix the link..thank you


@ 2014-08-06 11:38 am#12

after all, i think kishimoto's favorite character is Kakashi


@ 2014-08-06 11:29 am#11

I believe this is why madara so interested with obito when he found him half-dead. I believe this is the ability of obito mangekyo sharingan. Outstanding chapter.


@ 2014-08-06 11:22 am#10

Now this is how you ruin a manga -_-

seriously, Kishimoto!!!
A few chapters back Kakashi was barely able to use kamui efficiently, and suddenly he got a Perfect Susanoo??!!!.... This is soooo lame....

And to top it all, Obito comes back as ghost and gets in Kakashi's body... this is too much !!!!

OK, if this is the case then bring back Jiraya too and say that he was just holding his breadth underwater for all these years, till he saw it fit to come out... :/


@ 2014-08-06 11:05 am#9

When I try to download, suddenly I comeback to home of this website... Error link maybe?


@ 2014-08-06 10:38 am#8

I cant download from the manga is there any other way?


@ 2014-08-06 10:38 am#7

The goosebumpsss, hehe, ahh well, i knew it, kakashi will definitely get sharingan back. smiley


@ 2014-08-06 10:21 am#6

What is wrong with the there anyother place to download the manga


@ 2014-08-06 10:20 am#5

is it just Me or the manga can't be downloaded...


@ 2014-08-06 10:11 am#4

ass pulls


@ 2014-08-06 10:08 am#3

pretty good chapter, kakashi does look pretty badass with both of obitos eyes, but he won't be able to use both for very long, and its a little weird that obito could use his sharingan when he was dead.. all in all good chapter in my book


@ 2014-08-06 10:06 am#2

Even Itachi doesn't have Perfect Susano'o and he's an Uchiha, while Kakashi has just MS and got perfect susano'o and last time he can't even handle Kamui... Well done kiSHITmoto.


@ 2014-08-06 10:06 am#1

this was good

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