Naruto Shippuden Episode 221 & 222

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@ 2011-08-09 05:01 pm#82

hey ajiskang89! you a dumby! In Kisame's flashback(as well as other places) was it not made clear that Madara simple CONTROLLED the 3rd Mizukage? He was a jinchuuriki, so maybe he had some kind of interest in him. Idk about that part but its obvious the 3rd Mizu was being controlled by Madara, Madara was not directly the 3rd Mizukage. GEEZ i have found a BILLION idiots at this place, and I'm OCD about correcting people. this is driving me crazy. thank god for people who actually know how the Impure Ressurection works. No Hokage's, and no Madara. Look it up if you have to.


@ 2011-08-07 09:26 am#81

I'm almost certain that the body in the coffin is the original body of madara. One reason is that in ealiers episodes madara has stated that he is not at full power, he had told white or black zetu i believe. that is why he didnt attack at the summit. So with that being said and from the comment about kabuto stating that madara had an interesting "vessel" one can assume this is not madara's body. So what could kabuto have that he could hold it over madara's head yet alone black mail him? Because it's madara's original body. He needs his own body to be at full power.


@ 2011-08-05 01:22 pm#80

madara use half of zetsu on his body, n he can survive until now. i think is the coffin is another half of his body, maybe?


@ 2011-08-04 06:36 am#79

tobi is not madara. when tobi open his mask infront of kisame, kisame said he was former mizukage. remember anyone?
it might be madara in the coffin


@ 2011-08-03 09:43 pm#78

Sagefoxmode the day you takkin about is not coming soon enough because this is bussines


@ 2011-08-03 09:40 pm#77

boooooooooooooooooooooooooring!! :0




@ 2011-08-03 06:29 pm#76

it would be 4th hokage in the coffin. because kabuto said he surpassed the orichumaru . orushimaru used 1 nd 2 hokage chakra nd now kabuto can use 4th hokage.think about it


@ 2011-08-03 03:35 pm#75

i fink in cofina was madaras brother


@ 2011-08-03 03:24 pm#74

NONE of the hokage´s can be summoned..
btw anyone know how longs this fillers will last?


@ 2011-08-03 01:39 pm#73

I think its d first hokage..cos he was d only 1 dat culd fight on par wit madara


@ 2011-08-03 09:57 am#72

i think that madaras true body is in the coffin or the sage of the six paths


@ 2011-08-02 01:33 pm#71

Lord Jashin lol


@ 2011-08-02 10:11 am#70

guys do you realize that voice character of 2nd hokage (nidaime TOBIRAMA)and pain(tendo YAHIKO) are same

Zero Tails

@ 2011-08-02 07:56 am#69

The coffin has to be Might Guy's Dad, I mean who else could be more powerful? In all realness my vote stands with either Madara's brother or the White Fang.


@ 2011-08-02 01:52 am#68

nope im sure its not madara's body. I can prove it to you all.
Remember when kisame and madara met at the stairs ? Madara took of his mask and showed his face to kisame, then kisame recognizes his face and called him madara. So in that coffing there is no madara's body.


@ 2011-08-01 08:36 pm#67

Nobody really know who could be on that cuffing.
But even if Tobi say that he is Madara it doesn't change much for me because he could be lying.
He is F*%$# evil,haven't you guys heard his plan? LMAO
I cant wait to see on the Manga who is on that coffin but I'm hoping is his Madaras body.


@ 2011-08-01 06:29 pm#66

It makes more sense to be Madara's brother than Madara's old body. Because Madara's spirit is still in the living world as supposed to his brother.


@ 2011-08-01 07:31 am#65

The guy who wrote all the words wtf


@ 2011-07-31 11:29 pm#64

That last coffin has to be Madara's body or that Uchia who's eyes Danzo & Madara wanted.


@ 2011-07-31 07:01 pm#63

I'm willing to bet that the last coffin had Hashirama Senju in it. Seriously, who else is Madara scared of?


@ 2011-07-31 01:30 am#62

Wow, I never would've expected that he would summon Madara's own body! I wonder if that is really true? How do you know if that is true?


@ 2011-07-30 11:45 pm#61

i was at work didnt have time to reread what i wrote.. i was just trying to get a message sent that the story is pointing that it is mardera. i dont understand why everyone thinks differently. and i was trying to give points out why it is mardera because of the information i gave out. so excuse if i sound like everything was everywhere. people these days.


@ 2011-07-30 07:24 pm#60

That guy beneath you doesn't make sense on many levels.


@ 2011-07-30 02:12 pm#59

It is not that easy to say who exactly Tobi is.


@ 2011-07-30 11:55 am#58

*beneath me smiley


@ 2011-07-30 11:54 am#57

Some1 read this above me??Jeez anyway..i think in the last coffin is Madaras brother or Rikudou...:D


@ 2011-07-30 06:05 am#56

hey guys well names gear this is my very first fourm on here and im so passionate with idea, what not i had to create my own register. now lets get some points down. I love that everyone has such great interasting ideas and who the masked tobi is. though out all the story we are all convince that neither the less all details prove that this person is modara. lets subject on the idea that it is mardera, why are we trying to abject that he is someone else? well heres some food for thought. let me try to remember what best but here my thougt y you should give mardera credit.-when he takes back the rinnegon from nagoto he said that he was the third person who obtain it. who is the second? well you have mardera saying to sukae that everyone thinks that the first bested him. he said that the real victor is the one in the end. and he said that the reason why he fought with the first was to learn about his power. one thing everyone is trying to obtain is the visal power and the body. the visal being the sharigan. and the body the abilities of the first. and in the past these power were slit to the two sons of the sage of the six path. also to obtain all the tail beast and control them. and madera to be the second person with all these proof fighting against the first. the will of fire he sees in naruto. the war. the mastery of the sharigan. the history. if itachi knew about the story of the itchia clan from the beginning? what makes you think madera would know about theirseleves? ii love it that madera would be tobi from all the proof that has been given from the story, i wouldnt be amaze if it wouldnt be him. but whoever he should be is a really great shonbi that master the element of yang and ying, sharigan and the wood element or the power of the first. so its disappointed to hear hes obito when he wouldnt hurt a fly. if its the marderas brother the powers of the first musta been pasted down. who knew what happen to the brother after madera took his eyes. unless if its a obito why would he go so far. or if mardera's soul was going around going to take a body. after mardera fought against the that paper angel girl, she almost took his body out, thanks to the eye he was save putting a GENTISU he was saved. he used the the zesto them white things to heal his body. so this is why he was able to live for so long.. he might not have a body of his own but thanks to those things he able to live making his own body parts. dont forget that the impossiable that it could be madera from the beginning is that its been a long time since the hokage and him fight.. theres no way that he would be living... if it isnt madera it has to be someone really, really wrothly.that why i give credit that this person is madera and no doubt about it, how convincing it should be him... but who well know till the time come.

ok so now yets guess who can be in that coffin. one good one that i saw was it would be the sage of the six path. and you know what? why not? everyone is giving guesses and talking about how this person in the coffin scares madera so much. it could be one of the most powerfulest shonbi such as the sons of the sage. anybody we well really never know... it could be madera's brother. the 3rd hokage was good but he isnt a major treat to madera. whoever is in the coffin has to be someone close to him or someone who once had great powers in the story that has been mentioned before. say if that body in the coffin is madera, the mask guy tobi has more power than madera would.

not trying to post that its all right.. but its just my opioin

C Namikaze14

@ 2011-07-30 05:46 am#55

TOBI is MADARA. He said it himself. so madara's body right now isnt his own? so did he do like the technique orochimaru does so he wouldnt die?


@ 2011-07-30 04:46 am#54

In which episode the last coffing is shown.?..221 or 222


@ 2011-07-29 07:54 pm#53

I have tried repeatedly to DL these files. They do not have english subtitles using the VLC media player. Suggestions or are there actually no subtitles? I havent lived in Japaen in over 25 years so my Japanese is a tad rusty.


@ 2011-07-29 06:24 pm#52

The body on that coffin is Madara
He die on the hands of the first Hokage.
"Tobi" is not Madara, is his brother Izuna Uchiha.
he took his own eyes back and continued what him and his brother start.Idk why everyone takes him uot as he was dead.Thats why tobi know so much about Madara and why he was so upset when Sasuke told him Madara took Izuna's eyes on force.


@ 2011-07-29 04:47 pm#51

lets pray hope that the Naruto series doesn't die off any time soon i would love to see him become a man and hokage with a fam!

C Namikaze14

@ 2011-07-29 01:04 pm#50

i know.i cant do anything but wait.but i dont think fillers are necessary in my opinion.

i think it's either madara's brother or his old body.

i wonder what his old body looks like? rotten-y smiley


@ 2011-07-29 10:59 am#49

I'm like 90% sure the last coffin has Madaras's body


@ 2011-07-29 10:47 am#48

i think it is the sage of the six paths ???????????????????????

xSCx Fresh

@ 2011-07-29 10:21 am#47


If you can't be patient with the fillers, read the Manga.

xSCx Fresh

@ 2011-07-29 09:40 am#46

I'm guessing that the last coffin is Madara's REAL body. Kabuto mentioned that Tobi's "vessel" is interesting. There's nothing scarier than the real thing.


@ 2011-07-29 08:51 am#45



@ 2011-07-29 08:51 am#44



@ 2011-07-29 08:11 am#43

guys i guess in the last coffin which kabuto shows to madara, lies the greatest threat to him, but after giving it a thought i can say that guy in the coffin may be madara's brother or sage of six paths

C Namikaze14

@ 2011-07-29 07:53 am#42

@farevilla-i know,right? having fillers make people less interested & therefore watch less. theyre so stupid.


@ 2011-07-29 06:23 am#41

I hate fillers too! Waste of time. They should just make fillers into movies and just stick to the story!

C Namikaze14

@ 2011-07-29 02:19 am#40


but daaamn.i think next week's ep is a filler.STUPID FILLERS.who bothers watching it? I just want to see all the action for the 4th Ninja War! smiley >smiley

who agrees with me?


@ 2011-07-29 12:11 am#39

@mxa you are wrong it just a continuation (showing events that happened that not in the 4 was a mistake.AND DID YOU GUYS NOTICED THAT CROW HAD THE SAGE OF THE SIX PATH SEAL(THESAME SEALS IN NARUTOS CHEST.guys maybe that itachi's gift think about it


@ 2011-07-28 11:42 pm#38

haaanmmmmmm. lets see wat happens.


@ 2011-07-28 10:56 pm#37

two epis yuppie.............


@ 2011-07-28 08:00 pm#36



@ 2011-07-28 07:28 pm#35

I always download them , This time is taking for ever!!! More Speed Plz!!! I'm dying to see this episodes...


@ 2011-07-28 07:21 pm#34

33rd smiley


@ 2011-07-28 07:21 pm#33

what could be in that last coffin?


@ 2011-07-28 07:10 pm#32

Dam! I could see Anko's nipples in episode 221....Man, who cares if Tsunade has bigger boobs, Anko's are like barely smaller and way hornier, she shows her nipples......HELL YEAH! MORE ANKO EPISODES!


@ 2011-07-28 06:40 pm#31

I don't think neither naruto or Sasuke is going to die. If the giant toad sage told jariya that naruto was going to save the world how could he do that if he's dead. No matter wat ppl assume Naruto vs Madara is going to be the final battle because Sasuke is not the main villain in this show. He's still might be alive because Itachi trusted in Naruto to save his brother...not to die with him. In the end Naruto becomes Hokage, the uchiha is back, and Sasuke will be naruto's right hand man.

ninjazz may cry

@ 2011-07-28 06:31 pm#30

awsome fuggin episodes


@ 2011-07-28 06:28 pm#29

niceeeeeeee ep


@ 2011-07-28 06:28 pm#28

niceeeeeeee ep


@ 2011-07-28 05:47 pm#27

Cool epidode


@ 2011-07-28 04:50 pm#26

26th. oh,yeah. nice episode. ^^


@ 2011-07-28 04:13 pm#25

25th smiley


@ 2011-07-28 04:12 pm#24

24 awesome

harshit arora

@ 2011-07-28 03:44 pm#23

23.. smiley


@ 2011-07-28 03:03 pm#22

U can directly download it from here


@ 2011-07-28 02:56 pm#21



@ 2011-07-28 02:48 pm#20

is those 2 torrents for same episode 222 ?


@ 2011-07-28 02:42 pm#19

now its double episode, nice


@ 2011-07-28 02:39 pm#18

i gues next epzode wil be arcfiler


@ 2011-07-28 02:36 pm#17

the ep 221st torrent link is the 222th and the 222th doesn't working at all.


@ 2011-07-28 02:35 pm#16



@ 2011-07-28 02:24 pm#15

15 th


@ 2011-07-28 02:22 pm#14

480p is not available yet by any sub team. I'll upload it as soon as possible when it is available.


@ 2011-07-28 02:17 pm#13

Hell Yeah!!!!


@ 2011-07-28 02:16 pm#12



@ 2011-07-28 02:16 pm#11

No 480p?


@ 2011-07-28 02:14 pm#10

nice one


@ 2011-07-28 02:13 pm#9



@ 2011-07-28 02:13 pm#8

sorry 'bout that


@ 2011-07-28 02:11 pm#7



@ 2011-07-28 02:11 pm#6



@ 2011-07-28 02:11 pm#5



@ 2011-07-28 02:11 pm#4


Mahamed zh

@ 2011-07-28 02:10 pm#3



@ 2011-07-28 02:10 pm#2



@ 2011-07-28 02:10 pm#1


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