Naruto Shippuden Episode 281

img Welcome everyone, today it is time for the latest Naruto Shippuden Anime! This week the episode is entitled "The Allied Mom Force!" and can be downloaded directly from Bittorrent by clicking here: 480p (SD) and 720p (HD) and 1080p (Full HD). But, if you prefer direct downloading the episode (for free and fast!), you can check out our Naruto Anime Downloads page! If you don't want to download but watching the episode online instead or with your iPad, you can check out the Naruto Shippuden Episode 281 episode online. Enjoy!!

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@ 2012-10-10 03:07 am#33

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julia maltellak

@ 2012-10-05 10:53 pm#32

it's a nice show


@ 2012-10-01 04:37 pm#31

@Ultimate Beast - your wish is coming true there is a brand new opening theme from this week


@ 2012-09-30 07:43 pm#30

This is one of my favorite fillers.. konohamaru is the man


@ 2012-09-30 07:43 pm#29

This is one of my favorite fillers.. konohamaru is the man


@ 2012-09-30 05:22 pm#28

If the next episode is postporned??:-P

harshit arora

@ 2012-09-29 10:59 pm#27


check out this link..

its not an assumption.. fillers will be back


@ 2012-09-29 10:08 pm#26

@ Billaboching
well most people dont know naruto is related to the fourth and by the recent manga chapters Sopiler tags now

Tsunade's on the verge of death being slip into two and what not and the series is itching to Naruto kakashi guy and bee-dono vs Obito and Madara since this is a anime and lets face it the hero always wins some how Naruto will beat Madara and obito Tsunade will die at the cost of the other kages lives naruto saves the world and becomes the "official" 6th Hokage
Wait wait wait if u read that Above WTF hokage he saves the world and becomes the leader of one village come the F on make him the God Damn hmmmm Ruler of the shinobi world Maybe Shinokage

Rico Uchiha

@ 2012-09-29 01:04 am#25

think of this... they need time to let the manga go ahead, because one episode covers a few chapters.

they could either: air nothing at all to do so
or (rather!): air fillers, that obviously can't be as good as the main story

i liked this filler for what it was. funny to see other parts of the naruto world, like those sumo guys. cool to see how people get to know Konohamaru. He'll become Hokage one day too...

Naruto Boss

@ 2012-09-28 08:50 pm#24

another fuckry filler which makes no sense

Nakamazi Itchigo

@ 2012-09-28 08:47 pm#23

well this was a complete waste of an episode but the good news is that it's the last filler, next week we're back on the storyline smiley


@ 2012-09-28 07:08 pm#22

It's funny how the one boy uses Naruto as an example of how connections don't matter when it comes to becoming Hokage, but he is actually the 4th Hokage's son.


@ 2012-09-28 06:54 pm#21

Konohamaru seems too squeaky for his age; the voice didn't age like Naruto's did.

Ultimate Beast

@ 2012-09-27 09:29 pm#20

Since we just finished the fillers , they should make a new opening since the good stuff is about to happen.

This episode sucked and i think it gave me a headache


@ 2012-09-27 08:11 pm#19

I AM THE BIGGEST FAN EVER check the schedule
episode 284 and 285 are about "Jinin Akebino" and " Pakura" and those tow weren't in the manga.


@ 2012-09-27 06:59 pm#18

Nobody should assume anything because every assumption begins with an ass.


@ 2012-09-27 06:56 pm#17

@ undertaker58: How would you know for sure? You have telepathy or something? doubt that!


@ 2012-09-27 06:54 pm#16

Spoiler Fail xD


@ 2012-09-27 06:54 pm#15

Come the f*** on with these stupid Fillers get on with the God Damn Naruto Vs Raikage we've seen everything else I think xD ive been reading the manga chapters over again so kinda confused i think he fought raikage before Fighting nagato eh i forgot and when did nagato resurrect the villagers [Spolier]Obito said somthing about him using the rinne no tensei be like 601 to ressurest the villagers a few chapters back may[Spoiler]


@ 2012-09-27 06:53 pm#14

Judging by ya'll opinions it's a good thing I skipped this episode! However, I did skip through to the end credits to see the preview of the next episode. It looks like the fillers are over. Next week they start the Naruto and Bee vs. A and Tsunade.


@ 2012-09-27 05:59 pm#13

that was one of the worsst fillers ever


@ 2012-09-27 04:04 pm#12

next episodes is going to be greate


@ 2012-09-27 04:00 pm#11

dont rise your hopes too much because after the upcoming tow episodes fillers are back.


@ 2012-09-27 03:47 pm#10

from next week, it is back on track


@ 2012-09-27 03:31 pm#9

Finally, back to the storyline after this. Can't wait to see Naruto and Kurama become friends. smiley


@ 2012-09-27 03:25 pm#8

still Downloading...


@ 2012-09-27 02:37 pm#7

next one is gonna be cool!


@ 2012-09-27 02:03 pm#6

thank god it's the last


@ 2012-09-27 01:50 pm#5

last filler episode finally


@ 2012-09-27 01:42 pm#4

for naruto anime schedule visit this smiley


@ 2012-09-27 01:36 pm#3

not sure gotta belive soon


@ 2012-09-27 01:35 pm#2

When these fillers will be finished?

I SploogedOnYou

@ 2012-09-27 01:27 pm#1


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