End of Aincard arc

  1. UchihaxSenju

    any thoughts on how you felt when you watched ep.14?

    personally, i thought that him figuring out who heathcliff was a bit rushed in the anime compared to the LN.
  2. Frikid
    they finished a super cool arc in only 14 episodes :sy:

    i think they could have dragged it upto 30 episodes easily, with more boss fights, more of kirito and asuna :shrug:

    anyway lets see what would happen next week
  3. -Frost Knight-
    -Frost Knight-
    i know what like WTF its done!!!!
  4. bl4ckJack
    Same as ~Kirito~ .... I was like WTF !!! ... Hes the Final Boss and the fight is over Just like that .... At least one more Star Burst Stream
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