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  1. UchihaxSenju

    kirito arrives at the meeting place and fights general eugene who wields the 2nd strongest sword. kirito uses dual blade for the 1st time in ALO. kirito then gets seduced by the two leaders. asuna gets out of cage

    -End of summary-
  2. Frikid
    thanks for the reminder, will go and watch now :D

    Also delete the other thread.

    Edit : WOW, What an episode. LOVED IT !! uchichaxsenju pretty much said it all. B/w i like how one can just steal anyone's sword, use it and return it back
    this system should be available in current mmorpg too!!
  3. -Carnage-
    nice one..this one is for sure my favorite episode of the new season
    the battle was epic,
    now i wish a ps3 SAO game comes out ...i can only hope
  4. UchihaxSenju

    Kirito moment
  5. -Frost Knight-
    -Frost Knight-
    Is was awesome!!!!!

    @Carnage:Yup that whould be cool
  6. Virus..
  7. Netsui
    That episode was awesome, especially the fight. I wish they would make a SAO game for the 3DS.
  8. -Carnage-
    @Netsui...NO!!.... for PS3 :p
  9. Netsui
    @Carnage I don't have PS3! You know what? They should make a SAO game for both the 3DS and PS3! That way we're both happy.

    Wait, aren't there only supposed to be 24 episodes of SAO? That means it's almost over!? D:
  10. -Carnage-
    dammit..ur right...why did you remind us?...
    *commits suicide*
  11. ryan221
    Damn it,why does he refuse the girls.!!
  12. -Carnage-
    @ryan221...lol..becasue he's virtually married, and has a virtual daughter
  13. ryan221
    That's no excuse,she refuses even her.
  14. Frikid
    i think there is a SAO game coming out for psp :D
  15. Netsui
    @Frikid No!! I no have PSP. Maybe there's an emulator for PSP and sooner or later this game will be a ROM... :zonder:

    @Carnage Sorry.
  16. Frikid
    @netsui i fortunately have a psp, but i don't think it will be translated into english, since psp is almost dead in US/UK .
    need to learn japanese =/
  17. -Carnage-
    aww man....i..im..im still gonna hope for a ps3 SAO game
  18. ryan221
    Where does it say that there will be only 24 episodes of SAO???
  19. Netsui
    According to Wikipedia, there's only going to be 24 or 25 episodes.
  20. UchihaxSenju
    doubt there'd be a ps3 game of SAO though some of the big animes dont have a ps3 game so why would SAO be an exception
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