Round 1 Pool 3: Profontaine vs. Anub

  1. Joki
    Yeah it is, but not "kankuro is a skilled puppet master and has this puppet and that puppet and these jutsu," every post after that did the job though :p.
  2. Anub
    To be honest I'm actually surprised Pre didn't sweep the votes no diff I thought he did really good but looks like the judges had other plans, it was a good match either way though guys.
    I've edited my full post, because I've realized there's no reason to start another debate here.

    But let me ask you 2 things:

    1. Do you think Pre won with "no diff"?
    2. Do you think the other judges favored me ?

    Because that last statement of yours is absurd.
  3. Joki
    I said I EXPECTED him to win no diff because I thought he did good. As in I expected the other judges to vote for him but was surprised they didn't. That doesn't mean you didn't do good.

    Obviously the other judges favored you, if they favored Pre they would have voted for him, that's kinda the point
  4. Anub
    It sounded like you were accusing them of favoring me for whatever different reason, other than the arguments I brought. It honestly sounds like you don't really like me much. I understand that you think Pre was better, but it's unprofessional to make such statements.
  5. Joki
    Well sorry you thought it sounded like that, it's alright son.
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