Roun 1 Pool 2: Champ vs. Danzo

  1. Floydical
    Yamato vs. Zabuza(created by Uzumaki16)

    Champ: Yamato

    Danzo: Zabuza

    Restrictions: None, they have access to all tools and jutsu that they have been shown to use

    Knowledge: Full. Meaning they each know all of eachother's abilities within the restrictions

    Starting Distance: 50 metres

    Location: Where Kakashi fought Zabuza in part 1, a lake with adjacent forest and grass

    Intent on both sides is to capture, but not kill, their opponent.

    To clarify some things from my postings, you are limited to 15 post total that will be counted for scoring. From your 16th post on, you will not get credit for anything you stated. Keep all responses to a maximum of 20 lines, if you notice your response is more than that after posting it, please edit it as soon as you notice. If you have any posts at the end of the debate with more than 20 lines, you will get a DQ. This obviously does not count images you post or links you post to show evidence from the manga, only your lines of text. If you apply titles of some sort to clarify sections of your post this will not be counted either, again, only lines of text count. If you have any specific questions about the match, message me or Uzumaki and we will clarify it in this thread. Again, do not post in this thread until you are posting an argument, any and all posts you make count toward the 15 total.

    Either one of you can post first. Begin!
  2. Rayder
    Zabuza is the perfect counter to Yamato. Yamato's Mokuton relies on his sense of sight to guide it and the use of Zabuza's Hidden Mist jutsu would counter this. Zabuza could then use the confusion the mist generates to attack Yamato from any direction and to be safe even use a Water Clone to attack him. He could use a double sneak attack to engage Yamato with a Water Clone and intentionally get caught to trick Yamato and attack him unawares.

    Zabuza's knowledge of the human anatomy would allow him to severely injure Yamato to capture him. Zabuza could use the Water Prison jutsu as a way to keep Yamato immobilized and unable to preform any jutsu.
  3. Champ
    Since Yamato has manga Knowledge. He'll know Zabuza was one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, who all specialize in Silent Killing. Yamato won't be surprised by his Hidden mist. The starting distance is also beneficial to Yamato, since he shares the same DNA as Hashirama. Yamato possesses his Mokuton which has the ability to grown trees not only from the earth, but from his own body as well he can become a long range fighter. Though you can say Zabuza has the advantage with the location with water around, he can utilize his Water Dragon, but Yamato Wood Release: Four-Pillar Prison Technique will counter it, plus the size of the four pillar is based on the user's imagination so he can make it as big as he wants. Yamato could keep Zabuza at a distance away from him with his Mokuton, then giving him enough time to split the Earth for Zabuza to fall, then Yamato could unsplit and reclose the earth crushing Zabuza to death.
  4. Rayder
    Yamato would not split the earth because in this match-up the intent is to capture and not kill, so that wouldn't happen.

    Zabuza could combine his Water Release with his Kenjutsu to dampen the wood and make it easier to cut through. Yamato could cage Zabuza all he wants but with a nearby Water source he could just use his Waterfall jutsu from inside the cage. Yamato's Mokuton was shredded by Sasuke Chidori Nagashi, so I believe Zabuza should be able to do the same with his blade. Zabuza's blade has been shown to be very powerful several times in the manga and I believe it would easily slice apart Yamato's Mokuton variations.
  5. Champ
    Yamato has the same speed of Kakashi from part one, and he was able to dodge Zaubza Executioner blade from behind quite easy, Yamato will do the same. Sasuke has raiton which can nullify most attacks, Zabuza doesn't have raiton so he won't be able to break free. Yamato can actually subdue Zabuza and restrict his movements quite easy with Mokuton , as you see it grabbed a persons hand, so no hand seals for Zabuza to make a Water dragon. Once restricted with mokuton Yamato could make a Wood Spikes Ring to captured Zabuza, and make the spikes form all around his body, if he tries to move he will automatically be pierced.
  6. Rayder
    -Response to your post
    Yamato's physical speed isn't the same as his Mokuton speed. Zabuza has shown to be really fast and even wield his blade one hand which would allow him to cut the Mokuton if it restricted any of his limbs. You disregarded the previous page in which Yamato has to hold his hand seal for a few panels so its now where near instant. In fact this is the same with most of Yamato's Mokuton jutsu.

    -My argument
    Zabuza's Water techniques would leave Yamato on the verge of death and any type of cages Yamato uses to protect himseld would be used against him and he would be drowning himself. Zabuza's large scale Water jutsu's would leave Yamato drenched and on the verge of death. His Mokuton would dampen and become moist.
    His Water clones would allow him to attack Yamato from different directions and he could use them to combine Water jutsus to confuse and disorientate Yamato.
  7. Champ
    Yamato Mokuton speed is faster than both of them. Zabuza and Yamato both actually have the same speed, so if Zabuza has been shown to be very fast then so is Yamato. The scan you showed, it's funny how you miss Kyuubi Mode Naruto gettin restricted by Mokuton, when we all know Kyuubi Naruto is way stronger than Zabuza but he wasn't able to break free. Mokuton might not be as instant as Amaterasu or Ftg, but neither is Zabuza it's still fast enough to catch him. Yamato won't be on the verge of death, when that Water Dragon Kakashi copied did nothing to Zabuza. I already countered that water dragon, if you look in that pic again no trees were destroys by that dragon at all. So Yamato Four pillar would block the blast without gettin damaged. Yamato was able to restrict a giant Squid, something that's 100 times larger than Zabuza with Mokuton. Zabuza not breaking away free he will be captured.
  8. Rayder
    -Response to your post
    Yamato only managed to restrict the 4-tails Naruto because he had just hit Sakura which gave Yamato and opening to restrict since it was distracted. The 4-Tailed Naruto was able to break free by the way as it is shown here. The water dragon Kakashi copied and used didn't harm Zabuza because his own Dragon collided with it. Zabuza Waterfall jutsu would leave Yamato drenched and disorientated and giving Zabuza the perfect opportunity make him unconscious with the Cleaver Blade. Yamato's 4 Pillar Prison would obviously not block the Water Dragon or Waterfall since it is filled with gaps which the water would pour in through so Yamato would just be making Zabuza's job easier as he will just be drowning himself. Yamato caught that giant squid simply because of that; its giant so was easy to catch with Mokuton.

    My Argument
    Silent Killing
    Just because Yamato knows about that the 7 swordsmen all are masters of Silent Killing doesn't mean he can defend against it. Zabuza always starts all his fights with the Hidden Mist. How is Yamato meant to catch him with Mokuton when he can't see him ?
    Kakashi said that Zabuza's Silent Killing prowess is second to none which shows that it is better than all the other swordsman at it. Zabuza's knowledge of the human anatomy would help him attack the exact points in Yamato's body to paralyze or incapacitate him. This is further backed up by him being with Haku who was an expert on acupuncture points in the body.
  9. Floydical
    This debate will close on the 7th around the same time it was posted if no extension is requested.
  10. Champ
    Look at how far back Yamato was when he restricted the 4 -Tails, he was about 100 meters away and binded the 4-tails easy. Zabuza has no way to escape Mokuton coming from every direction binding him. The Kyuubi cloak was able to resist being pierced by Orochimaru Kusanagi, a sword known as being able to cut through Enma Adamantium staff . Now if the 4-tail skin is stronger than Adamantium which is a indestructible steel, it's safe to assume he can destroy some Mokuton easy. Now for Zabuza he is no where near as strong as the 4-tails. Wrong that was another water dragon Kakashi used on his own before Zabuza, and it did nothing to him. I don't remember any water techniques puttin anyone on the verge of death. Yamato is also a suiton user, nothin would stop him from makin a water dragon and attacking Zabuza like Kakashi did. Ofcourse he caught the squid, you act like Zabuza would not get caught without any proof. Actually Zabuza does not always start out with hidden mist, the only reason he used it on Kakashi was because his Sharingan was gettin the best of him, so he needed to blind him. Yamato could protect his back with Locking Walls which Crosses out silent killing, so once Zabuza tries to cut him down from the back he'll hear the wood cuttin, then he'll know his position and restrict him with Four Pillar Prison
  11. Floydical
    This debate has been granted a short extension. It will officially close in 24 hours. No posts after that time will be considered.
  12. Rayder
    Response to your post
    You seem to be ignoring that it has been shown numerous times that Yamato's Mokuton is not that durable. Kabuto's chakra scalpel was able to cut Yamato's fake, wood Sasori puppet and the Chakra Scalpel isn't that precise and is meant to be used on flesh which just shows what Zabuza could do with his sword. Sasuke easily jumped out of Yamato's wood dome which is another piece of evidence that shows Yamato's Mokuton is not durable. Just sheer will power and tensing muscles has been shown to break Mokuton so Zabuza could activate his Demon Shroud which is his killing intent and evil personified into a powerful chakra substance, which could give him the boost of strength or "will" to break out of a bind that Yamato somehow manages to put him in.
  13. Rayder
    My argument
    Even if Yamato traps him in a cage Zabuza will still be able to act while inside there so could slice open the cage with his Cleaver Sword. He could even exploit Yamato's cage by using it as protection from Yamato's counterattacks which he could still use while inside the cage. An example of this would be that Zabuza could just use the water outside the cage to make a Water Dragon while he is still safely inside the cage. Water Dragon jutsu has been shown to be used from a distance and Zabuza could just use the water in the surrounding area to perform the jutsu, all while still in the cage .
  14. Rayder
    My argument
    Yamato has not shown Water Dragon jutsu so it would be illogical to assume he has it in his arsenal. Zabuza did actually start out with the hidden mist and Kakashi was not getting the best of him. Look here Zabuza started the fight with it.
    You still don't realize that Yamato's Mokuton relies all on his sense of sight something that will be completely obstructing by the Hidden Mist which Zabuza starts all his fights with. From then to quicken things up he can just strike one of Yamato vital points to make him unconscious. If Yamato uses his Mokuton dome whats to stop Zabuza from just cutting it open as Sasuke was able to escape out of the dome just by leaping. While in the dome Yamato would not be able to use any other Mokuton jutsus since he can't see while in there.
  15. Floydical
    This match will close in 6 hours. No posts after that time will be allowed.
  16. Champ
    You only showed a scan of someone breakin a piece of wood which isn't hard, Kabuto chakra hand was able to slice Itachi in half, so when you infuse chakra into yo hand or anything it will become stronger. When your hand or body is restricted by Mokuton it's not easy to move. Locking Wall is for countering Hidden Mist and Silent Killing. chopping off wood is not silent in anyway. Once Zabuza gives away his position Yamato could raise the Earth, to get out of the hidden mist fog. Then capture Zabuza with Mokuton, Yamato can make a Wood clone to help restrict Zabuza in his Wood prison while they suppress Zabuza's chakra.
  17. Floydical
    Champ's last argument was deleted because he posted it after the timelimit. This match is officially closed.
  18. kakashi owns all
    kakashi owns all
    opening post

    danzo - you give a general start of your points covering broad topics such as wood needing vision to be efficient and how zabuza intel helps him with the goal of capture

    champ - shows how his intel will prepare him for battle, attempts to counter a sure debate of water dragon but you also propose a way for yamato to kill zabuza sadly this part is disappointing as the point is not to kill

    mid debate

    danzo - more organized and you start to execute your plan on how to win the match

    champ - i think you pull ahead here because what your saying makes more sense and points out the durability of your moves

    closing points

    danzo - very good overall with solid points nothing that makes you go OMG but it was good points

    champ - none

    sadly i feel up till closing champ was winning but with dazno posting first and the post at the end he gets my vote with a come from behind victory


    danzo - less repeating your self, you point out the same thing a few times.
    Champ - know the time frames so you can counter properly
  19. Floydical
    Due to the fact that I did not inform Champ about the slight extension, which I should have, I am allowing him one more post to respond to Danzo's last argument. This single post is limited to 10 lines considering the post in question was no longer than that. I will make a better effort in regard to posting thread closings and everyone please pay closer attention to these closings.
  20. kakashi owns all
    kakashi owns all
    champ make your point and i will re- judge
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