Roun 1 Pool 2: Champ vs. Danzo

  1. Floydical
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  2. Rayder
    Response to your post
    You seem to be ignoring that it has been shown numerous times that Yamato's Mokuton is not that durable. Kabuto's chakra scalpel was able to cut Yamato's fake, wood Sasori puppet and the Chakra Scalpel isn't that precise and is meant to be used on flesh which just shows what Zabuza could do with his sword. Sasuke easily jumped out of Yamato's wood dome which is another piece of evidence that shows Yamato's Mokuton is not durable. Just sheer will power and tensing muscles has been shown to break Mokuton so Zabuza could activate his Demon Shroud which is his killing intent and evil personified into a powerful chakra substance, which could give him the boost of strength or "will" to break out of a bind that Yamato somehow manages to put him in.
  3. Rayder
    My argument
    Even if Yamato traps him in a cage Zabuza will still be able to act while inside there so could slice open the cage with his Cleaver Sword. He could even exploit Yamato's cage by using it as protection from Yamato's counterattacks which he could still use while inside the cage. An example of this would be that Zabuza could just use the water outside the cage to make a Water Dragon while he is still safely inside the cage. Water Dragon jutsu has been shown to be used from a distance and Zabuza could just use the water in the surrounding area to perform the jutsu, all while still in the cage .
  4. Rayder
    My argument
    Yamato has not shown Water Dragon jutsu so it would be illogical to assume he has it in his arsenal. Zabuza did actually start out with the hidden mist and Kakashi was not getting the best of him. Look here Zabuza started the fight with it.
    You still don't realize that Yamato's Mokuton relies all on his sense of sight something that will be completely obstructing by the Hidden Mist which Zabuza starts all his fights with. From then to quicken things up he can just strike one of Yamato vital points to make him unconscious. If Yamato uses his Mokuton dome whats to stop Zabuza from just cutting it open as Sasuke was able to escape out of the dome just by leaping. While in the dome Yamato would not be able to use any other Mokuton jutsus since he can't see while in there.
  5. Floydical
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  6. Champ
    You only showed a scan of someone breakin a piece of wood which isn't hard, Kabuto chakra hand was able to slice Itachi in half, so when you infuse chakra into yo hand or anything it will become stronger. When your hand or body is restricted by Mokuton it's not easy to move. Locking Wall is for countering Hidden Mist and Silent Killing. chopping off wood is not silent in anyway. Once Zabuza gives away his position Yamato could raise the Earth, to get out of the hidden mist fog. Then capture Zabuza with Mokuton, Yamato can make a Wood clone to help restrict Zabuza in his Wood prison while they suppress Zabuza's chakra.
  7. Floydical
    Champ's last argument was deleted because he posted it after the timelimit. This match is officially closed.
  8. kakashi owns all
    kakashi owns all
    opening post

    danzo - you give a general start of your points covering broad topics such as wood needing vision to be efficient and how zabuza intel helps him with the goal of capture

    champ - shows how his intel will prepare him for battle, attempts to counter a sure debate of water dragon but you also propose a way for yamato to kill zabuza sadly this part is disappointing as the point is not to kill

    mid debate

    danzo - more organized and you start to execute your plan on how to win the match

    champ - i think you pull ahead here because what your saying makes more sense and points out the durability of your moves

    closing points

    danzo - very good overall with solid points nothing that makes you go OMG but it was good points

    champ - none

    sadly i feel up till closing champ was winning but with dazno posting first and the post at the end he gets my vote with a come from behind victory


    danzo - less repeating your self, you point out the same thing a few times.
    Champ - know the time frames so you can counter properly
  9. Floydical
    Due to the fact that I did not inform Champ about the slight extension, which I should have, I am allowing him one more post to respond to Danzo's last argument. This single post is limited to 10 lines considering the post in question was no longer than that. I will make a better effort in regard to posting thread closings and everyone please pay closer attention to these closings.
  10. kakashi owns all
    kakashi owns all
    champ make your point and i will re- judge
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