Roun 1 Pool 2: Champ vs. Danzo

  1. Floydical
    Champ's post has been restored and is now up for judging considering he was not originally informed about the extension. KOA will officially re-judge the match.
  2. Rayder
    Damn I really want to respond to Champ's post but I can't. :crazy:
  3. Floydical
    Danzo, I love your strategy regarding Zabuza's knowledge of human anatomy. That certainly would give him a great way to capture Yamato and give him a good means of keeping him unconscious. I also like your strategy regarding Hidden Mist and sneak attacks. I like the idea of dampening the wood with water, but I don't think this will actually make too much of a difference. I do agree, however, that Yamato's 4 pillar cage won't necessarily be able to hold back Zabuza and his water techs. I like how you brought Zabuza's Demon Shroud into the mix, it certainly would give him an edge under the right circumstances and I think you utilized it well.

    Champ, I agree that Yamato knowing about the Hidden Mist will help him, but I certainly don't think it will eliminate it as a threat. I like your point about using his Locking Walls to protect him from the Hidden Mist, but I don't see how this can help him in the long run considering he still has to wait for his opponent to attack. While Yamato has both Water and Earth, I don't think we can assume he has water dragon. Its a nice idea, but since its not shown in the manga, that really can't be assumed he has it. I thought you came up with some pretty unique ways to show how Yamato would win, but showing feats of other characters to back-up your own character's strength can be somewhat hit and miss. I do like your closing argument, it really proposes a good scenario for capturing Zabuza.

    All in all, I think you were both strong and weak with your arguments at times. I certainly believe that 4 Pillar Cage might not fully restrict Zabuza and his jutsu. Even with Yamato enhancing his Moukuton with his chakra, I have doubts it would stand up to Zabuza's sword if he could still swing it freely. I agree that Zabuza's knowledge of the human anatomy would give him a great way to subdue his opponent, though Yamato has a great way to confine his opponents as well. I also think that while Locking Walls is a great way to counter Silent Killing, I feel that a strategy such as that may not benefit Yamato in the long run and ultimately leave him at a disadvantage. Clearly Champ had no defense against Zabuza's Demon Shroud, but he did create a good scenario in the end.

    With that said, I think it was too little too late when it came to Champ's closing. I feel that you should have created that type of scenario for countering Silent killing earlier. But since you adopted it so late, I don't consider it a match-winning response because your closing should really be about bringing home your main points rather than creating new ones. Bottom line? I feel that this debate might have been better off if it was argued a little more, but these things can't always be perfect.

    I give my vote to Danzo. Both of you keep in mind that KOA still has to re-judge this, so its still anyone's game.
  4. ~Uzumaki~
    Great arguments on both sides without going into much detail, I feel Champ did more to support his points. I give Champ.
  5. Floydical
    Koa's re-judging will be the deciding factor here.
  6. kakashi owns all
    kakashi owns all
    My vote remains with danzo for the reason his closeing points are far better then champs

    overall out of 30 i had


    = 18

    and danzo

    total = 19

    Danzo wins
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