episode 23 discussion

  1. UchihaxSenju
    too lazy to write a summary

    basically Kirito gets throught the gate
  2. Xaviour

    SO many things to say.

    Thank god the whole brother-complex stuff with Sugu was cleared up! I'm so happy things turned out that way, & FINALLY the calvary arrived! TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH!

    HE FINALLY BROKE THROUGH! ARGH! But the funniest thing is that I have an exam and only after the exam can I watch next weeks episode

    But seriously the funny thing is that I was thinking about since last week was that even if players did go through that "door" wouldn't the place where Asuna and the human experiments still be in an area restricted to players? This clears all of that up

    I'm also very glad he now has two swords, as I think he'll need the extra power now that he's broken though the ceiling. Still though he's gotta be quick if he wants to out step those damn admins.

    Glad they made Recon do something epic, all though it was futile at first it at least allowed Kirito/Leefa to know how much power he needed to bust through the second time.

    Overall I'm glad I put my faith into this series, after last week I knew that the fast storyline would still be around and so it kicked in for this episode as well and made up for the ending awkwardness of episode 22 (it was still quite the heart pull though)

  3. -Carnage-
    dammit..i forgot about this episode....im gonna watch it now
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