Episode 24 Discussion

  1. Netsui
    Didn't watch it yet. But discuss.

    Edit: I loved that episode! 5/5

    I don't want to spoil the episode, so I won't give a description of it.
  2. -Carnage-
    it was awesome...i was kinda getting nervous towards the end..i thought something bad was gonna happen xD..
    anyone know if there will be another season?
  3. Netsui
    @Carnage I'm not sure. I kind of hope there will be. According to Wiki there's 1 left for this season, but I want a season for The Seed!
  4. -Carnage-
    oh yeah..i didnt understand that part..what is the seed?
  5. Xaviour
    Finally finally finally he saves her. Finally! I was thinking about what would happen in terms of his being able to get out of a scenario like that, and Kyaba Akiko showing up was the only thing that came to my mind. Happy I predicted this happening 5~6 episodes ago ^_^

    "The Seed" may be the foundation for what was the original SAO. If he wanted to he could probably load it with his family and possibly go back to their old house? Allthough I really don't see why you'd ever want to touch a nervegear again wouthout your own private server at that point

    There's still the unresolved issue of the other 299/300 people who are being experimented on and the experiments themselves. I find it funny that they're selling it to Americans lol but those guys need to be saved as well but for now I don't give a damn

    @carnage I feel the same way, I think that Kirito should be RUNNING to the Hospital, not taking his sweet time. I don't know if Sugou is gonna get there before him but hopefully he's at the death screen in game for 10 minutes or so.

    Overall glad it's over, and that she finally got out. Sad that the series may be ending. I could see the world tree being summed up in one episode. That is the title of the next episode after all.

  6. Netsui
    @Xavior I don't think he'll be at the hospital anytime soon, if Sugou is alive. Remember, anything below level 3 affects the physical body, and Kirito had it at 0.

    I think The Seed is what created SAO. I think that because I think Kayaba said something about Kirito not liking the world or something like that.
  7. ryan221
    Just saw it.Man Kirito lost it.Chopping his head and making the pain to 0.I can't even imagine what would happen if Asuna tried to cheat on him with another guy
  8. UchihaxSenju
    the seed is basically aincard itself and kayaba put kirito in charge whether or not he wanted to rebuild it. also if there is another season its GGO
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