Current Tournament Standings

  1. Floydical
    Current standings in the tournament as of right now:

    Note: This thread only includes matches that are finished or concluded due to DQ or otherwise. Most debaters that are confirmed inactive will not be shown in this thread.

    Pool 1:

    Piratefish: 1-0, 3 pts total (forfeited)

    Microsword57: 1-1, 3 pts total

    Tazzilla88: 2-0, 3 pt total

    Kidgamer65: 0-2, 0 pts total (forfeited mid debate)

    Negative Knight: 2-0, 0 pts total (won by forfeit mid debate and has moved on to round 2)

    Pool 2:

    Danzo: 2-0, 4 pts total (moved on to round 2)

    Prince Charles: 1-2, 3 pts total

    Varrah: 0-1, 1 pt total (dropped out)

    Champ: 0-1, 1 pt total (forfeited)

    TobisPawn: 2-1, 4 pts total (moved pools)

    Pool 3:

    LolaxXx: 1-1, 2 pts total (will face winner of Prefontaine vs. Puppet in a tie-breaker)

    Anub: 2-0, 4 pts total (HAS MOVED ON TO ROUND 2)

    Prefontaine: 0-1, 1 pt total

    Puppet Master: 1-1, 2 pt total

    Pool 4:

    Milwaukee: 2-0, 3 pts total (has moved on to round 2)

    Solo: 1-1, 2 pts total (will face off in a tie breaker match)

    Riker: 0-1, 0 pts total (dropped out)

    DeadMan: 0-2. 0 pts total

    Kirikoe: 1-1, 1 pts total
  2. Floydical
    As of now, I have counted 18 active debaters, of which Taz and Deadmanwonderland are not included on this thread yet because they have not had a completed match yet.
  3. MilwaukeegHost
  4. Floydical
    Don't get hasty now .

    I tried to imply that this was a work in progress, considering it shows the tournament standings as of now.

    Keep in mind that as more judgements are made, more vote points will be awarded to the designated debaters. The reason you only got one point for your victory is because only 1 person has judged it. Once the other 2 judge it, the points will be allotted accordingly.

    I hope I made this clear enough, but all of these totals are still pending. Each debate will be judged by 3 judges eventually. If some judges fail to judge their corresponding pools, we will have others judge accordingly, simple as that.

    Again, this is all a work in progress and every debate will be judged by 3 judges.
  5. Floydical
    Also note that the 'point breakdown' was abandoned a while back when it proved to not be needed anymore.
  6. MilwaukeegHost

    I added that 4th paragraph to try and make it obvious I was joking too, FYI. Lame joke, I know lol but my post was purposely over the top. All Luv

    But you are correct (and so was my assumption), I did not truly understand how backed up the tournament is at this moment. My second debate was closed over a week ago, so once I was told my second debate would be judged soon I questioned whether the first one was completely judged. That match was almost a month ago so I didn't want to assume.

    I just realized I added my name to the list of people asking when will my match be judged lol I think everyone is just curious of the results. Ill try to be more patient on our Judges .
  7. Negative Knight
    Negative Knight
    Could i receive my next match on Monday ? From then on, i should get increasingly more active
  8. Anub
    With all the forfeits and everything else, this tourney seems to complicate itself by the day. But I think that once it gets to the last 8, it's gonna be a lot easier to manage and there's going to be no more fuss.
  9. Floydical
    Yes that is no problem NK. I am planning to post your next match and another match tomorrow once I get in contact with the other judges.
  10. Floydical

    TobisPawn will be moved to pool 2 and we are going to enter the final stages of round 1 to decide this. Keep in mind that after the recent forfeits, we are down to 16 competitors so 2 from each pool will move on.

    Matches that will happen soon to help decide round 1:

    Varrah vs. TobisPawn

    Profontaine vs. PuppetMaster

    Depending on how the pending matches are judged, new matches will be made accordingly. If a decision needs to be made between 2 debaters that are tied, very short matches compromised of of 2-3 responses each will likely be used to decide them.
  11. Kirikoe
    pirate fish has forfeited the match with me ... now wat ?
  12. Solo
    Where are the rest of judges? I can judge if needed. Wait... I'm in the tournament.

    Regardless, If you guys need anything, just ask!
  13. Floydical
    @Solo, don't worry the matter will be resolved soon. Worst come to worst, Uzumak16, Owarij and I will judge all matches.
  14. Floydical
    Just to let you guys know, I am getting other judges to help me create matches to keep this going. I have hit a bit of a wall when it comes to making matches that I am comfortable with, so I am getting help to keep this going. Thank you guys for being patient .
  15. Solo
    Take your time.

    @KOA - Awww...
  16. Floydical
    Matches coming soon:

    Microsword vs. Tazzilla (winner will move on two round 2)

    DeadManWonderLand vs. Kirikoe (winner will have a tie-breaker match with the looser of Solo vs. Milwaukee for a spot in round 2).

    As of now, Anub, Danzo, and NK have moved on to round two. The winner of Solo vs. Milwaukee will also be guaranteed a spot. Tie breakers will be implemented in pools that end up with multiple debaters with 1-1 records.
  17. Anub
    Sweet. The top seeded move on Let's see how Varrah will be doing in his next match. Shame that Taz isn't more active...

    May I suggest shortening the debates ? It takes a while for the debate to finish and judges tend to postpone their duties if it's too long ... maybe shortening them would be the solution here. I'm still hoping this will pick up and I've been checking it almost daily. But there's no point in dragging it when people are not interested. IF you don't have enough judges, there are a few who would fit the job. If debaters don't post, they will be DQed...that way the tourney moves on. This has been spanning over a period of 3months (?) now. We could have started another one (maybe team debates).
  18. Floydical
    Uzumaki and I will cover gaps in judging now, I will have final say in Solo vs. Milwaukee. There have been plenty of DQ's for one reason or another already, so yes that rule will still be enforced. At this point, I do not want to shorten the debates more than I did at the beginning because I want good matches to still occur. The real problem lied in judging promptness, debater activity and me making the final decisions on matches. I feel that the matter of making and confirming matches is not my strongest quality and ultimately the delays fall mostly on me.

    But as things stand now, round 1 is almost all but decided. Essentially, 4 of the 8 finalists are set in stone (barring one judging) and almost all the others will be decided with either one victory or a victory and a short tie-breaker. I just hope that the debaters that are left remain active.
  19. Solo
    Awesome! I guess the tie breaker is coming soon. Good luck, Milwaukee!
  20. Tazzilla88
    Well this will be interesting.
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