We Need Some More Females

  1. ~Uzumaki~
    Guy who have recently been active here-Uzumaki16, Germanicus, Michael92, Shinobi Train, Cobra73, Supermac, Uxellius, chakrawizard555

    Girls who have recently been active-ThatOneChick, Netsui.

    Something is terribly wrong here. Won't you agree? WE NEED FEMALES!!!!!!! The Chick-Dude ratio is horribly out of balance and WB may soon cease to exist as a result. We must restore the balance of the WBverse by inviting more female writers to our little party. Who's with me?!!!!

    Decided to open something crazy before I went to bed.
  2. Germanicus

    Duuuuude, privates are not priority for writers....
    ...unless you're Train...
  3. ~Uzumaki~
    Doesn't mean this particularly eccentric gathering of writers should be a sausage fest
  4. King Volcano
    King Volcano
    What about me?
  5. Seffy
    >.> Trust me I don't have as much estrogen as a woman should. lol
  6. ~Uzumaki~
    King Volcano's....a girl? Then shouldn't it be Queen Volcano?

    @TOC. Ah, a tomboy I see. GOod, if I girl is too....how to I put it...girly, I usually don't enjoy their company. However that only means doom for the Chick Dude Ratio since the Hormone balance is terribly out of order. Someone save NBverse!
  7. Seffy
    lol You have no idea how right you are about that.
  8. ~Uzumaki~
    Really? I wonder how tomboy you are. I bet you watch football, get into bar fights and chug beer lol

    And I meant to say WBverse :ghehe:
  9. King Volcano
    King Volcano
    No, I'm a boy, but I wasn't on the list, haha, I've been active kind of, haha
  10. ~Uzumaki~
    Oh, haha, sorry about that :ghehe:
  11. Seffy
    I don't watch football. I do play video games and get nerd rage. I don't like beer, but I do like drinking from time to time. I played football a lot growing up as a child but I can't watch sports, too boring. I play card games though and I hate reading cheesy romance novels. >.> The bar fights...that sounds fun! :zonder: Seriously though I can pick up my hubby and throw him.... Which is the reason why he doesn't get me angry! D lol

    I'm just one big contradiction, I bet everyone in the group is interesting!
  12. ~Uzumaki~
    Hmmm...not really into sports which gets weird when I'm around my peers Not old enough to drink but I already don't like it. Bad tasting drink that leaves you confused, hung over and destroys your liver? O_o count me out lol. Can't throw people...at all I like card games, video games and HATE cheesy romance novels or cheesy anything. The concept of cheesy itself disgusts me lol but I like cheese You're American, right? Do American really only eat hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza and chinese like in movies
    ? O_o That's all I see in every film unless they are on a date or something. What gives
  13. Uxellius
    I was waiting for someone to pick such subject
  14. Seffy
    Actually whine is good for you, in moderation of course. A glass of whine thins out blood so it doesn't clot. Also a diabetic man was drinking vodka once and ended up going blind, so the doctors gave him whiskey and he could see again. Alcohol DOES have it's uses. I am american and the last time I had any one of those options was a very long time ago. Usually we eat a lot of chicken or fish (different forms) with steamed rice and veggies! D Touch my rice maker and it will get ugly. *holds it possessively* I rarely eat red meats, can't stand them.

    Seriously though, don't believe the movies. Even media of the stars from the US doesn't depict the citizens accurately either. Idk easier to prepare? :shrug:
  15. Uxellius
    O_o wow! that sure gonna help someone studying to be a doctor :o
    thanks for the info
  16. ~Uzumaki~
    Didn't know alcohol was so good..in moderation of course, think I'll start drinking now lol. We love rice over here in Nigeria. We have white rice, jollof rice, fried rice. We're rice maniacs lol. Chicken is good though its mostly prepared during festive periods but you can buy it at a fast food or something. Ok, Hallowen, is it real? I mean do kids over there really dress up in costumes and go beg for candy? O_o Also, how much is a bowl of chicken wings?
  17. Seffy
    Np ^_^ Well it's still not good for your liver but what I said was true as well. lol Yeah it's fun going to go "trick or treating" :p Halloween is real. It depends where you go and how much you want.
  18. Germanicus
    Well, a thread started about women and evolved into the medical effects of drinking alcohol.

    Seriously, the idea of drinking has never appealed to me. "Strength of the mind lies in sobriety."

    Plus, Train scares me sometimes...
  19. ~Uzumaki~
    Ok, like 10 wings? When I saw Joey walking around with a bucket load of chicken wings in Friends(the sitcom) I was like......THAT's HEAVEN!

    @Germy, lol, we never stay on topic in WB
  20. Seffy
    @German yeah he can scare people at times. >.> Drinking isn't fun, the thrill wore off after my first hang over as a teenager. Only fun when you can't do something. :p Yeah it's not really good for you, the bigger picture.

    @Uzumaki you can get 10 pieces of chicken for around 10-15 dollars. Wings you can get 8 for like 4 bucks or something at kfc? :shrug: I don't pay too much attention lol
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